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Here's Why We Should Not Drink Lemon Water After 7:00 Pm

Here's Why We Should Not Drink Lemon Water After 7:00 Pm

The benefits of lemon water are continually praised. In fact, this fruit is full of nutrients allowing the body to benefit from a boost of energy and optimal protection against external aggression. Nevertheless, it seems that this citrus fruit is not to consume at any time of the day.

Used in Chinese medicine, lemon is a fruit rich in antioxidants. Indeed, this citrus contains flavonoids that help fight against free radicals. These components provide him with a role of ally health size. In addition, it contains soluble fiber and vitamin C.

The Benefits Of Lemon Water?

This drink has considerable benefits and acts effectively to boost the body and preserve many diseases:

Here are the benefits of lemon:

- Lemon water stimulates digestion
Digestive disorders are sometimes difficult to manage on a daily basis. Thus, if you have bloating, constipation or stomachaches, the trick would be to drink a glass of lemon water as explained by dietician Florence Foucault Figaro. Indeed, citrus rich citric acid boost the production of bile essential for digestion and allow, thanks to its fibers, to stimulate intestinal transit.

Lemon water boosts the immune system
For 100 grams of lemon juice, we find 42 mg of vitamin C, nearly half of the daily intake recommended by the National Health Nutrition Program! Researchers show that this vitamin contributes to the increase of the body's immune defenses. Thus, it helps to fight against the proliferation of pathogenic cells in the body.

Lemon water protects the liver
Prized for its detoxifying effects, lemon is known to purify the liver in times of excess. Thus, an experiment conducted in vivo indicates that consumption of citrus fruit protects the body against liver damage, especially those caused by alcohol consumption.

Lemon water helps to be in a good mood
Always with its vitamin C content, lemon helps fight against the symptoms of anxiety and depression. In fact, an experiment performed on young students has proved that vitamin C supplementation has a very positive effect on mood.

Lemon water helps to lose weight
Not surprisingly, citrus is more and more famous for its slimness. To get rid of his extra pounds without frustration, it is enough to integrate water and lemon in his morning ritual. Scientists remind us that lemons contain polyphenols that have shown in vivo a considerable ability to reduce body weight and eliminate unnecessary fats.

Lemon water fights against the appearance of acne pimples
Acne pimples can hinder the quality of the skin and leave annoying scars. However, lemon has effective anti-inflammatory properties that can overcome skin imperfections and beautify the skin. Indeed, researchers reveal that vitamin C is a natural remedy against inflammation of the skin tissue since it participates in the synthesis of collagen and fight against free radicals.

Lemon water prevents cardiovascular disease
Like many fruits and vegetables, lemon indirectly fights the development of cardiovascular diseases. Its soluble fiber content can reduce cholesterol, regulate blood pressure and glucose levels, and reduce inflammation.

Lemon water fights colds and flu
Long used in traditional medicine, lemon has been proven to reduce the impact of colds and flu. Thus, even if citrus does not cure cold-related diseases, it helps to reduce the duration.

Why do not you drink this drink after 7 pm?
As we have seen, lemon has many advantages. That said, it is best to eat it in the morning, preferably before breakfast, to take full advantage of its virtues.

Indeed, lemon is a natural diuretic that helps eliminate toxins through the urine. However, when it is taken at 19 hours, it can hinder the quality of sleep since it generates frequent urges for urination. According to the National Sleep Foundation, to reduce unwanted nocturnal awakenings, avoid diuretic drinks such as tea, lemon water, alcohol or coffee before going to sleep.

It is contraindicated to consume lemon for those who suffer from ulcers, heartburn or citrus allergy.