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Here's Why We Should Start Inserting Cloves In Lemon

Here's Why We Should Start Inserting Cloves In Lemon

In your room, in your kitchen or in the garden, insects invade your private space. These unwanted creatures find their ease at home while you go to hunt them. In addition, they tend to invite their peers to share their living space and to multiply between them. How to eliminate these undesirable species for good?

Without the use of chemicals to fight insects, you can repel them effectively with some natural tips. In fact, supermarket insecticides are often filled with toxic molecules that could harm your health and your environment.

But before you present a natural product against insects, you must understand their mechanism of operation. So you can keep mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, bugs and wasps away once and for all!

Mechanism of insect operation
As we all know, insects are in search of food, especially sweet. Also, they communicate with each other by diffusing track or trace pheromones as the case of ants. These pheromones represent an odor that critters scatter through their antennae. Thus, when an ant finds food, it emits an olfactory signal to its congeners to enable them to find the appropriate route and share their meal. This is how a true colony of critters can invade every corner of your home.

The dangers of insecticides
When we want to get rid of insects, we may be tempted to use chemicals in the form of spray or electric evaporator containing insecticides. Easy to use, these products actually present many risks for both health and fauna and flora.

Indeed, insecticides found in shops may contain pollen, a substance that can trigger allergies and especially in children. In addition, there are various other toxic products that, once inhaled, can cause serious health problems.

An effective 100% natural weapon against mosquitoes.

- 4 lemons
- Several cloves

First, cut each lemon in half and put about 10 cloves in each half of lemon.

Then place these lemons in the spaces where you are used to seeing insects. After only a few days, you will not hear about it!

The effect of these ingredients to fight against mosquitoes

Clove is the flower bud of the clove tree. Antimicrobial, it contains eugenol, an odoriferous active ingredient that gives it its role as a natural repellent. Thus, clove essential oil used in herbal medicine is actually extracted from cloves. As a result, a scientific experiment has evaluated the effectiveness of several oils in combating mosquito bites. The results show that clove oil was the most powerful natural repellent.

The smell of lemon is one of the scents that make mosquitoes flee. Indeed, insects move by diffusing pheromones. The smell of citrus disturbs their olfactory senses, preventing them from communicating with each other. Thus, to repel insects, lemon proves to be a natural repellent that also diffuses a refreshing smell throughout the house.

Other tips to keep insects away

There are other preventive measures to be taken to avoid being contaminated by insect bites:

- Avoid tight clothes

- Apply skin repellents but make sure to apply them according to their instructions to avoid any toxicity

- Using a mosquito net is the surest way to avoid insect bites

- Do not hesitate to consult your doctor if an insect stings you, especially when it comes to ticks. Some incidents of this kind can be fatal.

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