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The Recipe For The Famous Vinegar And Lemon Burn-fat Drink To Lose 3 Pounds In 72 Hours

The Recipe For The Famous Vinegar And Lemon Burn-fat Drink To Lose 3 Pounds In 72 Hours

When you have extra pounds, you often experience a drop in your self-esteem correlated with a strong desire to change your physical appearance. Unfortunately, the will is not enough to melt the excess fat. Indeed, to overcome its imperfections, we must not only believe in it, but above all give ourselves the means to lose weight.

If you are concerned by this article, it is because you too have developed over time complexes related to your overweight. But rest assured, nothing is irreversible. Indeed, nature is well done and if you know how to take advantage of what it has to offer you, you will manage to fight against all those fats that bother you every day.

Down with diet pills, industrial products and restrictive diets! Back to nature to enjoy the benefits of a simple drink to prepare, designed to stimulate your weight loss.

The recipe for the slimming drink:


- 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar
- ½ lemon
- 1 teaspoon of pure honey
- 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
- 1 cup warm water

NB: Preferably, opt for ingredients of biological origin to enjoy fully and safely their virtues.

Squeeze half of a lemon and add the juice in hot water. Then add the apple cider vinegar, honey and ground cinnamon, mixing all the ingredients. Your drink is ready!

Drink this recipe every morning, 30 minutes before your breakfast. If you are motivated enough, you can also consume this drink half an hour before lunch and dinner to get faster results.

The benefits of food:
If this drink is so effective, it is because it has scientifically proven properties that allow it to fight against body fat.

Apple cider vinegar:
Apple cider vinegar is produced from the sugars of the apple which, once fermented, turn into acetic acid. According to one study, it appears that apple cider vinegar is effective in weight loss. The latter would reduce body weight, waist circumference and serum triglyceride levels that are often associated with an increase in cholesterol levels when it is too high.

Flagship product of many slimming diets, lemon is an excellent source of vitamin C. Rich in antioxidants, this fruit helps fight against the harmful effects of free radicals and oxidative stress. In addition, scientists say that in an in vivo study, the polyphenols contained in this citrus fruit would have induced a loss of weight and effectively eliminated excess body fat.

Honey is a natural sugar made by bees thanks to the nectar of flowers. It consists of 80% carbohydrates, which allows it to provide the body with maximum energy. In addition to its pleasant taste, honey is rich in antioxidants that prevent cell damage caused by external aggression. According to a scientific experiment conducted in vivo, honey attenuates weight gain, reduces adipose tissue and stimulates basic metabolism. As a result, it seems that honey is an excellent alternative to sugar.

Contrary to popular belief, spices can also be sources of fiber. The best example is ground cinnamon which contains about 1.3 grams of fiber for a teaspoon. In addition, it contains manganese and iron. According to an Annals of Internal Medicine study, people who have trouble following strict diets can boost weight loss by increasing their fiber intake. In addition, it seems that cinnamon has a specific action to reduce body fat. Indeed, scientists say that this spice induce in vivo, a mechanism of thermogenesis that would stimulate the basal metabolism by increasing body temperature. Thus, the body would be better able to spend calories, promoting the reduction of adipose tissue.

Warnings : Apple cider vinegar is prohibited for pregnant women, people with diabetes, weak or suffering from a stomach ulcer.

If you suffer from burns, stomach ulcers or citrus allergies, avoid consuming lemon

Cinnamon is not recommended for pregnant women, people who suffer from heart disease or those taking anticoagulant medications.