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World-renowned Psychiatrist Reveals 10 Rules For A Happy And Harmonious Life

World-renowned Psychiatrist Reveals 10 Rules For A Happy And Harmonious Life

To be happy, one must first choose to be happy and therefore to want it. Many people think that happiness will come simply by having fun, meeting love or buying a nice house or a nice car. Yet all these pleasures can be ephemeral and quickly, negative emotions take over to plunge us into a sadness probably due to our inability to keep this joy in us. Mikhail Efimovich Litvak, a renowned Russian psychotherapist and author of several books on psychology and personal development, shares the 10 wise tips to overcome life's difficulties that oppose the attainment of happiness.

By choosing to be happy, we remain vigilant about managing our intrinsic emotions. To transcend psychological barriers, it is necessary to thwart negative emotions such as prostration, pessimism, resentment or anger. Instead, it is possible to allow so-called positive feelings such as empathy, compassion, but also gratitude.

Happiness is not controlled because it is not enough to press a button to access it. The conquest of happiness is a work and incessant efforts to find it in itself. And to do this, there are basic rules that need to be followed.

1. Organize your life
It is possible to achieve happiness if you lead a well organized life. Managing your time to take care of yourself, having the necessary inspiration to introduce serenity and zen attitude for your well-being, are the best therapies. All these attitudes are not necessarily acquired, they require many efforts to achieve this and can only be deserved.

2. Respect the convictions of others
Wanting to be right at all costs only puts you in a state of constant stress. By accepting and respecting the difference of opinion, you benefit from a wealth of culture but also peace of mind. Learning to listen to others without trying to convince them brings unquestionable fulfillment.

3. Help yourself
To be happy, it is essential that you be your best friend. Relying on others is a vain thing for you to flourish if you do not start working on yourself first. You are the only one to really know you. For this, it is necessary to listen to each other, to value oneself and to reassure oneself. The others will be only one more in your life to complete your happiness.

4. Succeed and overcome the grudge
Despite the failures, it is essential to go beyond them by making a clean sweep of the past and focus on the things you love and inspire you to succeed.

5. Look at yourself in the mirror
Personal introspection is necessary to fight his inner demons first and foremost. The limits set by society, the limiting beliefs that accompany you throughout your life can be the stumbling block to your personal development. Your enemy is yourself, so look right in the eye in the mirror, and fight it to grow.

6. Find the right path
The right path is not always one that is a straight line. To reach its goal, it is sometimes wise to take a more winding but safe and reliable route. Choosing one's own path, which is not common, can sometimes be beneficial and achieve the desired success.

7. Set a specific goal
Setting a goal keeps everyone in alert and concentration for accomplishment. On the other hand, a vague and unclear vision of aspirations leads to dispersion and misguidance.

8. Living for oneself
Your happiness is supposed to depend only on you and not on others. A mood lability of those around you could have a negative impact on your life. Taking a step back and away from others is the best way to live your life according to your desires and needs.

9. Accept to be alone with oneself
Accepting to be alone when necessary, proves necessary to know oneself and to be reconciled with oneself.