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5 Benefits Of Warm Lemon Water In The Morning That You Do Not Know

5 Benefits Of Warm Lemon Water In The Morning That You Do Not Know

In vogue at the moment, drinking warm water with lemon each morning has become the ritual of many people around the world. Indeed, this superfood that is lemon has seduced the big stars of Hollywood who extol the medicinal properties and beauty virtues of citrus.

The morning routine of Beyonce and Jennifer Aniston quickly became viral. And for good reason, the people who have established this daily habit have seen very positive changes in their bodies. Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, lemon is an indispensable health ally that preserves all the cells of the body from external aggressions.

Lemon Water

What are the components that make lemon a healthy ally?

If the lemon has given rise to a collective craze, it is because it contains a multitude of nutrients good for the body. Citrus fruit contains flavonoids whose main action is to protect the body's cells against the harmful effects of free radicals. In addition, a single lemon can cover one-third of the body's vitamin C requirements. Low in carbohydrates, lemons provide the body with important minerals such as calcium, iron, copper and potassium.

How to drink lemon juice to enjoy its benefits?
To make this drink, simply squeeze half a lemon, and dilute the juice in a cup of warm water. Then drink this juice in the morning, 30 minutes before your breakfast.

The 5 benefits of lukewarm water with lemon juice

Drinking lemon juice every morning is a very good habit that will get you started on the right foot. Here are 5 benefits, among many others, that you can enjoy by adopting this ritual:

1. You will lose your extra fat
Many people complain about their extra pounds. They end up with bulges, cellulite and have trouble accepting their body. By adopting this habit, they can eliminate their unwanted fat without practicing a drastic diet. Indeed, a scientific experiment proved that the citrus contains polyphenols, antioxidants which would limit the accumulation of fat in the body and would allow to lose weight.

2. You will strengthen your immune system
Lemon is full of flavonoids, components that effectively fight the action of pathogenic microorganisms in the body. These antioxidants strengthen the immune system and protect the body against many ailments. In addition, these components would alleviate inflammatory diseases such as joint pain.

3. You will have a beautiful skin
Thanks to its wealth of vitamin C, lemon has its place among your cosmetics. Indeed, scientists attribute vitamin C multiple virtues on the cells of the epidermis. This component slows the premature aging of the skin and stimulates the production of collagen. Thus, lemon can prevent wrinkles and imperfections while preserving the elasticity of the skin.

4. You will not have any digestive problems
The modern diet is far too sweet and rich in fat. As a result, many people are prone to bloating and bowel movements. Thanks to its citric acid, lemon helps the liver to secrete more bile, an essential liquid to break down fatty foods. In addition, citrus contains dietary fiber that facilitates the digestive process by accelerating intestinal transit.

5. You will have a good breath
Bad breath is often the result of an accumulation of bacteria in the oral cavity. Generally, saliva helps clean the mouth and eliminate bacteria. But some people suffer from dry mouth characterized by an insufficient amount of saliva. However, some foods promote saliva production. Thus, a study reveals that citric acid has a humidifying role for the mouth. As a result, lemon juice helps maintain a fresh breath throughout the day.

Warnings :
Lemon is not recommended for people with ulcers, heartburn or citrus allergy.