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8 Exercises For Women Over 40 To Look Younger

8 Exercises For Women Over 40 To Look Younger

8 Exercises For Women Over 40 To Look Younger

Have a wasp waist at 40? It's possible ! To carve your body, get rid of the flabby skin that settles with age, we have selected for you 8 exercises perfectly adapted to women over 40 years.

With age, women tend to grow more easily. Indeed, especially after menopause, the body stores more fat. Only by regular physical activity, it is quite possible to limit the accumulation of adipose tissue and maintain a harmonious silhouette.

Here are 8 sport exercises adapted to women of any age who would like to keep the line.

8 Exercises For Women Over 40 To Look Younger

1. The Squats

Best exercises to have muscular, firm and plump butt, squats must be done properly to avoid back pain.

- Stand with legs shoulder width apart, arms outstretched and back straight

- Inhale and descend as if you were going to sit on a chair, pushing your butt back until your thighs are parallel to the floor, without taking off your heels

- Hold this position for 10 seconds then exhale before getting up

- Perform 3 sets of 10 squats, 2 times a week, to observe satisfactory results.

8 Exercises For Women Over 40 To Look Younger

2. Lower body stretching

With age, the hamstrings, muscles in the back of the thighs, can become stiff and fail to perform certain movements.

Thanks to this exercise, these muscles find their suppleness:

- Find a table that reaches your hips

- Put your right foot on the table while keeping your left leg straight

- Gradually bend the right knee

- Keep this position for 10 seconds by pulling on the right knee until you feel the stretch

- Repeat the same operation with the left foot

- This exercise is to be done 10 times for each foot

8 Exercises For Women Over 40 To Look Younger

3. The gluteal bridge

To maintain your gluteal muscles, you can opt for the bridge:

- Lie on a carpet with the tips of your feet glued to the floor

- Bend your knees at 90 degrees

- Push your hips up by contracting your abdominal muscles to lift your glutes

- Hold this position for 5 seconds

- Gradually release and bring back your glutes to the ground

- Make 3 sets of 10 repetitions

8 Exercises For Women Over 40 To Look Younger

4. Curl for biceps with elastic band

After 40 years, it is common to have fat under your arms. This exercise with elastic aims to firm this area of ​​the body.

- Stand with your legs slightly apart and place the elastic band under your left foot, grasping both ends of the band with your hands

- Fold your arms to bring them back to your shoulders, palms of hands facing you

- Bring the arms back to the initial position

- Repeat this operation 10 times then change your foot to place the elastic.

8 Exercises For Women Over 40 To Look Younger

5. The jumping rope

The jumping rope is an exercise that strengthens the heart, tones the muscles of the whole body and burns a maximum of calories. To make jump rope, stand up and contract your abdominal muscles slightly. Jump on tiptoe not to hurt yourself. You can opt for the jump with feet together or for the jogging version. Nevertheless, it is advisable to alternate the two for more efficiency.

8 Exercises For Women Over 40 To Look Younger

6. Plank exercise

After menopause, many people suffer from belly fat. This exercise is particularly well suited to those who want to strengthen their belly to eliminate superfluous fat. To do this, simply lie down with support on your forearms and tiptoe. Then contract your abs and hold this position as long as you can. Release and rest for a minute, then repeat the operation.

8 Exercises For Women Over 40 To Look Younger

7. Balance on one leg

As you get older, many people notice a loss of balance. Therefore, it is necessary to practice exercises regularly to keep it. Try to rest on one leg, and lift the other by putting your hands on your hips. Change your leg and repeat the procedure.

8. Yoga

Yoga is an exercise that is beneficial for the body but also for the spirit. By focusing on the breath, the postures of yoga allow to gain flexibility and bodybuilding. In addition, yoga helps evacuate stress and improve its well-being in everyday life and many videos exist on the internet to help beginners practice it. It is recommended to do yoga 3 times a week to feel all the benefits.