7 Benefits of Drinking Water You Probably Didn't Know To Lose Weight

Drinking Water Lose Weight

Did you know that our body was mainly water? In fact, water represents 60% of our body. In addition, we evacuate every day nearly 2 liters of water through our most primary actions. Indeed, breathing, urination or perspiration are all factors that increase the hydric expenditure of the body. Only water is essential to ensure the proper functioning of organs. In addition, drinking 30 minutes before each meal has considerable benefits.

According to a study by Credoc, eight out of ten people do not drink enough water. However, sufficient water consumption is needed to feed the billions of cells in the human body, carry oxygen to make organs work, and speed up the process of cleansing the body.

However, many people have trouble drinking water and often feel the effects of this lack of hydration. Discomfort, irritability and headaches are all symptoms that show that the body needs water.

Why should you drink water 30 minutes before each meal?

Many people suffer from their overweight and fail to lose weight permanently. Indeed, over the years, bad eating habits cause a storage of body fat difficult to counter. Plus, dieting can cause frustration that prevents you from losing weight over the long term. Nevertheless, a scientific experiment indicates that when overweight people drink water 30 minutes before each meal, they reduce their diet without any effort. In fact, an increase in water consumption has led to an increase in the feeling of fullness in the body and has had significant effects on weight loss.

Other benefits of sufficient water intake
The National Health Nutrition Program recommends drinking water at will. And for good reason: in addition to its thinness, water provides several metabolic processes and has considerable benefits on the human body.

Drinking Water Lose Weight

1- Water speeds up the process of digestion
If you have bloating after meals and you suffer from chronic constipation, it is likely that you do not drink enough water. Indeed, one study shows a clear link between a difficult digestion and a lack of hydration. To speed up intestinal transit, scientists recommend drinking 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day.

Drinking Water Lose Weight

2- Water boosts the metabolism
The metabolism ensures several reactions that occur in the body. In addition, it is the metabolism that determines the calories spent at rest, during a given activity and while the body degrades and digests food. According to the researchers, drinking water promotes daily energy expenditure and helps to oxidize more fat at rest.

Drinking Water Lose Weight

3- Water regulates body temperature
Water naturally regulates the body temperature to allow it to adapt to different situations. According to scientific research, water consumption participates in the thermoregulation of the body. Thus, when it is hot, the person perspires to evacuate the excess water and the body cools naturally.

Drinking Water Lose Weight

4- Water improves the physical performance
When a person performs a physical exercise, she suffers water losses through perspiration. Thus, the body can become dehydrated and unable to perform certain activities. Water is therefore needed to improve physical performance and prolong the effort over time.

5- Water prevents recurrence of kidney stones
Kidney stones result in the presence of small stones in the urinary system. Very painful at times, this disorder requires sufficient fluid intake. Indeed, scientists say that to avoid the risk of recurrence of kidney stones, it is necessary to increase water consumption while reducing foods rich in oxalate and calcium.

6- Water prevents chronic diseases
Water nourishes all the cells of the human body. One study indicates that water reduces the risk of diseases such as asthma, hypertension, hyperglycemia and chronic infections.

7- Water improves mood and brain function
Water helps to distribute the flow of oxygen throughout the body. In scientific research to evaluate the effects of a lack of hydration on the brain, it has been proven that water affects memory, concentration and mood. In fact, drinking enough water during the day would improve several important cognitive processes.

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