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Eliminate Tartar And Whiten Teeth In 4 Steps

Eliminate Tartar And Whiten Teeth In 4 Steps

To prevent the appearance of tartar, limit the development of dental problems and maintain the whiteness of your teeth, it is necessary to have good oral hygiene. Natural remedies and tricks can also be very effective in helping you have healthy, white teeth. Here is a recipe to remedy dental problems and whiten your teeth in four steps. Nowadays, more and more people are starting to trust natural products and their health benefits. To maintain and take care of your teeth, there are various natural recipes and tips. In this sense, Dr. Nana Dickson, dentist and dental experts told Health magazine how to have a radiant smile at home, through natural products and at a lower cost.

Eliminate Tartar

Here is a recipe to remove tartar and whiten teeth in 4 steps:

Lack of maintenance and care can damage and damage the health of your teeth or even your overall health. Indeed, the accumulation of bacteria, which are responsible for dental problems, can also cause oral infections, risk factors for several cardiovascular diseases. In addition, an unbalanced diet, low in vitamins and minerals and high consumption of sugary foods increase the risk of cavities and tartar.

Natural tip for white teeth without tartar


· 1 tablespoon baking soda
· 1 teaspoon of coconut oil
· 1 tablespoon of cider vinegar
· Water
· A toothbrush
· A bowl
· A toothpick
· Sanitizing mouthwash


- 1st stage :
Start by mixing water and baking soda and coconut oil in a small bowl until you get a pasty texture. Then moisten your toothbrush with water and then soak it in the mixture. Brush your teeth for 2 minutes then rinse your mouth thoroughly.

- 2nd step :
Pour a tablespoon of cider vinegar into a large glass of water, then use this gargle to eliminate bacteria in the mouth.

- 3rd step :
In order to remove tartar, you can use a toothpick making sure to pay attention to your gum. The scale will be a little softened and can be easier to remove.

- 4th step:
For this last step, rinse your mouth with a sanitizing mouthwash to remove any bacteria that could damage your teeth. You can also prepare a homemade mouthwash based on cloves. Simply infuse 3 to 4 nails in warm water. Cloves have antiseptic, antibacterial and anesthetic properties.

The benefits of the remedy:
Thanks to the bacteriostatic properties and the whitening effect of baking soda, this remedy will help you fight the bacteria responsible for dental problems, eliminate tartar, bad breath and help you have white teeth and bright.

Caution :
It is not recommended to use baking soda more than once a week because of its abrasive power which can, in the long run, demineralize your teeth and weaken your enamel.

Because of its acidity, apple cider vinegar can also weaken the e-mail of your teeth, so it is recommended to use it moderately.

For white teeth, it is advisable to avoid foods and bad habits that stain teeth, including tobacco, excessive consumption of caffeine and caffeine, sauces, sodas and sweets. Also avoid brushing your teeth too hard, as this causes inflammation of the gums which can lead to loosening of the teeth.