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If You Have These 9 Traits You Belong To The Rarest Personality In The World

If You Have These 9 Traits You Belong To The Rarest Personality In The World

Traits You Belong To The Rarest Personality In The World

Undeniably, the rarity of an object strongly contributes to its intrinsic value. But we can even go beyond, the diamonds are for example precious stones. The value of a ring of a single diamond will always be greater than the value of a ring that has been produced to 100 copies. To evaluate an object it is necessary to go beyond the rarity of the object but also to compare its uniqueness with respect to others. So we tend to run the same thought process to identify and understand the personality of everyone. The uniqueness and intelligence of a person make his value.

Wanting to classify several archetypes of personality that can have the human being, Carl Jung defines a dichotomous system with 4 dimensions. According to Jung the personalities would be divided into:
  • Introverted or extroverted.
  • Sensitive or according to his intuition.
  • Felt or logical.
  • Organized or capable of adaptability.

So by choosing one or the other, each person will then describe his archetype of personality. The personality INFJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging) to know introverted, intuitive, sentimental and prompt to the judgment, is thus the most rare personality in the world. Discover the 12 traits that describe it and see if you find yourself there.

1. They know how to take a step back and have a general picture of any situation.
INFJ people always take the time to analyze a situation. Their tendency to isolate themselves to reflect gives them an advantage and a calmness that allows them to make a thoughtful and often correct decision.

2. They are hard workers.
As said before, the INFJ people always see the situation as a whole. This does not escape their professional situation. They always give their best of themselves to achieve their goals.

3. They are extremely intuitive.
Whether it's a positive or a negative event, the INFJ always have the gift to sense things. And they do not hesitate to act according to this presentiment because they are convinced of the legitimacy of their intuition.

4. Knowing the truth is essential to them.
The innate curiosity of the INFJ makes a simple answer not enough for them. Go to the end of things, move heaven and earth to reach the truth. Whether in the scientific field or even in their relations with others, the INFJ want the truth and nothing but the truth.

5. Loneliness does not bother them.
Spending a moment alone for the INFJ is an opportunity for meditation and introspection. They flourish by reflecting on the most diverse topics and seeking to know each other better. But more than anything, the INFJ hate being misguided.

6. Their friends are few but close.
Their tendency to loneliness makes the INFJ people unfriendly. Nevertheless the friends they choose, however few they are, turn out to be invaluable people.

7. The people around them are like open books.
No need to lie to them, the analytical ability coupled with unparalleled intuition allows INFJ personalities to notice immediately when something is wrong.

Whatever your intentions, it is strongly advised to announce the truth as it is. The INFJ will use all the means to discover it otherwise.

8. The people around them do not understand them.
INFJ are people who come to mix intuition and logical reasoning. People around them sometimes have trouble understanding their way of thinking. The decisions made by the INFJ seem to them to be random and without substance, whereas the INFJ are extremely wise.

9. They are able to adapt to any situation.
All the time spent thinking alone means that the NICTs have already imagined all possible and imaginable scenarios for their lives. They are therefore never surprised by a problem or situation in which they are. On the contrary, prepared as ever, they manage to get by with admirable dexterity.