8 Reasons Women Are Attracted To Men

Reasons Women Are Attracted To Men

Carved as the image of Apollo, some men seem to be endowed with all the qualities required to please women. Equipped with a Greek deity, they rise to the rank of Adonis and conquer the conquests, hoping to find one day that will tame their ardor. However, the love affairs are linked, the appointments follow each other, head to head are multiplying, and nothing helps. They come up against a wall. Cupid has turned their backs on them and for good reason, they still have not understood what capsizes the hearts of women.

During a first meeting, a first discussion or a first meeting, we all seek to show us in our best light. Decided to put our best weapons forward, we refer the image that we think is sought by the other, without realizing that this person is not interested in what we decided to display in the window.

Indeed, women know exactly what attracts them to a man, although they do not often share it with their male counterparts. Discreet and observant, they will prefer to judge for themselves if the one who faces them has the assets capable of seducing them.

A man who accepts his gray hair

Reasons Women Are Attracted To Men

Good news for fifties, women independent and sure of them have a small weakness for gray hair! But beware, they want a man who assumes them and who claims them. Attracted by the power that emanates from a more mature man, they are sensitive to the charm and virility of the latter.

A man who sweats after sport

Reasons Women Are Attracted To Men

Despite the popular belief that sweating is associated with a kills love, this body secretion (at a moderate dose obviously) would be highly appreciated by women. The odor emitted is actually the signature of the man who releases pheromones that can affect the perception of the latter in his regard.

A man wearing a uniform

Reasons Women Are Attracted To Men

Immutable and timeless fantasy, the man in uniform intrigues, fascinates and captivates the curiosity of his female partner. Serious and strict in this outfit that he puts on a daily basis, he returns the image of a reliable man dedicated to his work.

A man who takes risks

Reasons Women Are Attracted To Men

If boredom had a passion for a couple, that would be the case ... Thus, it is not surprising that women particularly appreciate men who are able to take risks and initiatives without necessarily knowing the result. Admiring the power associated with this decision making, they are charmed by the man who faces them.

A man with a deep voice

Reasons Women Are Attracted To Men

Women are sensitive to a deep, almost hoarse voice that revives man's virile and animal instinct. When you wake up or face to face, the intonation of your interlocutor can make all the difference for a seduction that will prove conclusive, or not.

A good man towards his loved ones

Reasons Women Are Attracted To Men

Beyond the virility that women look for in a man, you should know that they pay as much attention to his kindness and kindness to those who are dear to him. Without saying a word, they will pay attention to their behavior towards their loved ones because that is what will allow them to know who they are dealing with.

A man who loves to cook

A man who knows how to cook is, beyond a partner able to prepare good dishes, a half on which the woman can count to live a healthy and balanced relationship. Through attentions as small as preparing dinner after a long day, it ensures the well-being of the latter who will only want to do the same.

A man who knows how to be natural

Reasons Women Are Attracted To Men

A man constantly in control can be intimidating or even false. Although women can appreciate Stoic men and are sure of them, this does not prevent them from finding the touching vulnerability, especially in moments conducive to rapprochement. This allows them to feel safe to open up, gradually reinforcing the trust they wish to establish with their partner.

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