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These 4 Wonderful Drinks Will Help You Lose Weight And Purify Your Liver While You Sleep

These 4 Wonderful Drinks Will Help You Lose Weight And Purify Your Liver While You Sleep

Lose Weight And Purify Your Liver While You Sleep

Responsible for almost 300 functions including purification and storage, the liver is an essential organ for the proper functioning of the body. Located in the abdomen, it is an integral part of the digestive system and plays a major role in purifying the body and avoiding weight gain. In question, its ability to secrete bile to digest fats and transform toxins into harmless substances. As an organ emunctory, the liver is responsible for the detox of the body, a function it ensures without failing the task, with some exceptions.

The liver is a real purification plant. However, although some see it as a machine oiled to perfection to ensure its vital functions, it does not immunize some risks. When a person is in good health, the organ is, indeed, perfectly capable of carrying out the purification of the body. Nevertheless, according to Prof. Dr. Gabriel Perlemuter, a hepatologist, overweight or alcohol consumption can affect his functioning. For this health professional, there is no need to succumb to the miracle products that boast of "regenerating the liver": the key is in our diet. Fewer carbohydrates, meats and alcohol, more green vegetables, fruits and protective foods for this emunctory.

To follow the teacher's advice, here are 4 drinks to consume at night, rich in ingredients with protective, purifying and stimulating the breakdown of fats:

Lose Weight And Purify Your Liver While You Sleep

Cranberry juice
Recognized for its preventive and curative properties against germs in case of urinary infection, cranberry is also rich in antioxidants beneficial for liver health. According to an in-vivo study published by The Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, cranberries would have positive effects in cases of obesity and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, notably by decreasing body weight, triglyceride levels and the size of stored fat cells. in adipose tissue. To benefit from it, it is recommended to drink it two hours after dinner. To know that for 1 liter of juice, it takes about 500 g of cranberries. This drink is to drink for a week.

Lose Weight And Purify Your Liver While You Sleep

Lemon water
In addition to its diuretic and stimulating properties for digestion, lemon is full of protective antioxidants for liver health, especially in cases of alcohol consumption. Citrus fruit rich in flavonoids is also recommended to regulate the level of lipids in the blood and to fight against the oxidative stress, which can be at the origin of the liver diseases.

To prepare the lemon water, you will need a large glass of water at room temperature and juice of half a lemon freshly squeezed. The drink should be consumed half an hour before going to bed for 15 days.

Lose Weight And Purify Your Liver While You Sleep

Ginger and lemon drink
By combining with the many virtues of lemon, ginger would act on the fats optimally. Indeed, the Asian rhizome is known to stimulate thermogenesis and increase satiety. Benefits proven by a study that demonstrates that ginger increases the energy expenditure of the body, thus contributing to weight loss.

To make this drink, you will need a slice of fresh ginger, juice of half a freshly squeezed lemon and 250 ml of water. After boiling the latter, simply put the ginger and let the drink warm up before adding the lemon. Afterwards, you can let it infuse for a few minutes and drink it before going to bed, 3 times a week.

Lose Weight And Purify Your Liver While You Sleep

Oat water
Left to the benefit of slimming drinks more popular, oat water is a mine of health benefits to the liver. Rich in fiber and minerals, it increases satiety while promoting weight loss. In one study, oat consumption would have been effective in controlling obesity and abdominal fat, as well as improving liver function.

To prepare this last drink, you will need a cup of oatmeal and 3 liters of water. To begin, grind your flakes with a little water, just enough to cover them. In a second step, add the mixture obtained in a saucepan and the rest of your water, then boil it all. Once boiling, allow to cool the preparation and filter to avoid lumps. Keep cool until bedtime. Oat water is ready!

You can consume it for a week, 2 hours before going to bed.

Warnings :
* Lemon is not recommended for ulcers or heartburn.

* Ginger is to be avoided in case of anemia and taking anticoagulants.

* Oats are not recommended for people allergic to gluten.

* Cranberry juice may increase the effect of some anticoagulant medications. If you are allergic to aspirin, it is also not recommended to consume excessive amounts.