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What You Need To Know Before Losing Weight With Lemon

What You Need To Know Before Losing Weight With Lemon

Top of the list of slimming rituals, lemon water is prized by fans of detoxifying cures. And for good reason, antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-fungal and natural antiseptic, lemon has been used for centuries to decorate dishes but also as a remedy against many ailments. Suffice to say that this citrus is undeniably a "must have" of your kitchen. However, "Apply to keep the balance in everything," this maxim of Confucius perfectly illustrates the importance of avoiding excesses in all things, however beneficial they may be for health.

Celebrity slimming ally, lemon water is without a doubt a flagship drink to mop up periods of excess. Food with considerable virtues, lemon, citrus limon for the intimate, alone presents a myriad of benefits. To improve digestion, prevent the formation of kidney stones and help lose weight, among other properties, this citrus has risen to the forefront of natural remedies essential. Overview of some benefits of the fruit of the lemon tree.

Losing Weight With Lemon

The benefits of lemon

To prevent the appearance of kidney stones
Rich in citrate, lemon helps prevent the appearance of kidney stones. Indeed, thanks to its composition, the citrus helps dissolve the stone deposits in the kidneys and facilitates their evacuation. A study revealed that lemon was recommended to protect our kidneys against limescale deposits, responsible for the formation of stones.

To reduce the duration of colds
To make healing easier in case of a cold, lemon is a home remedy. Rich in vitamin C, citrus helps fight against inflammation and reduces the duration of the disease. A natural alternative that can act as effectively as conventional drug treatments.

To lose weight
Thanks to its pectin content, lemon makes it possible to increase the feeling of satiety. Indeed, this soluble fiber swells in the stomach and forms a sort of viscous gel which increases the feeling of fullness. A study conducted in-vivo has confirmed these results, but for this, we must not forget to consume lemon with its pulp to enjoy its benefits. Thus, in addition of course a healthy diet and regular physical activity, citrus fruit helps you in your process of weight loss.

To improve digestion
Lemon contains citrate, a natural acid that stimulates the production of bile by the liver, a process essential for good digestion. As a result, adding this citrus fruit to your food and drink will help your digestion and improve your transit. Ideal to overcome the excesses.

Is lemon good for everyone?

The virtues of citrus are innumerable. However, it is important to use this remedy without abusing it. Indeed, the lemon has an abrasive effect which, in the long run, can weaken your enamel resulting in caries, a sensitivity or even a loosening of teeth. Also, this fruit is not recommended in some cases, including:

If you have ulcers or heartburn
In France, people with heartburn and heartburn account for nearly 20% of doctor visits. If this is your case, avoid consuming lemon as this may aggravate your symptoms. Indeed, because of its high acidity, citrus tends to ignite more of the walls of the esophagus. Favor the flat water that activates salivation and actually prepares the stomach for digestion.

If you are allergic to citrus
If you suffer from an allergy to rutaceae you are therefore intolerant to all kinds of fruits, such as orange, grapefruit, clementine and lemon, among other citrus fruits. In case of consumption of these allergens, you may see skin patches such as urticaria or eczema or even suffer from respiratory disorders such as asthma or rhinitis. Other symptoms may also include nausea, diarrhea, or vomiting.