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10 Signs That You Are A Victim Of  Gaslighting : Love Manipulation By A Narcissistic Pervert

10 Signs That You Are A Victim Of Gaslighting : Love Manipulation By A Narcissistic Pervert

To have frequented a narcissistic pervert is a painful ordeal from which we rarely come out unscathed. And for good reason, these toxic people use all that is in their power to strip you of all that is positive in you and skillfully highlight your worst through. To exercise their grip, these emotional vampires have in their arsenal techniques rôdées to reduce their prey to nothing. Among them: the gaslighting, a skillful manipulation process that leads the person to constantly feel guilty and question themselves. Inventory of the 11 proofs that the narcissistic pervert uses this method of confusion.

Gaslighting A Love Manipulation By A Narcissistic

If you have rubbed a narcissistic pervert closely, you are not unaware that, to sit his grip, the latter can demonstrate a Machiavellism out of the ordinary. These toxic people who feed on the vulnerability of their partners have at their disposal methods to do harm while maintaining their position of superiority. Gaslighting is one of those mental game ploys that negate their victims.

Cognitive dissonance
The skill of a narcissistic pervert lies in this paradox. This person blurs the tracks while making sure to keep the prince charming side which he often prides in public. Thus, the grip of the manipulator remains in the alcoves, leaving his prey isolated and without any proof that his partner stripped him of all his individuality. To galvanize his esteem, the narcissistic pervert has in his favor many methods to sow doubt. Among them: the gaslighting, a confusion in the speech which aims to make the victim doubt about his ability to perceive reality. Here are 11 signs that the narcissistic pervert uses this method to dominate you.

1- Blatant lies
The narcissistic pervert has an impressive ability to lie without showing anything. This propensity to distort reality comes to him naturally because they have the capacity to support their "truths" with an impassive face and an unsettling assurance. They judge their lies according to their interlocutor and develop them in a progressive way as their prey is confident.

2- He denies their lies
When he is caught in the act of lying, the narcissistic pervert never agrees to be pierced by the day. He supports his turpitude by taking full responsibility for their interlocutor who "misunderstood" their speech. This cognitive process sows doubt in their partner who, diminished in his confidence, can question his communication or his mental state.

3- He uses you psychologically
All the pernicious character of his influence lies in their ability to play on the affects and to gain the upper hand over their prey tormented by the challenges. The idea is to establish one's dominance by gradually pushing the limits of the acceptable for one's partner.

4- In vain promises
The first thing a narcissistic pervert whose power diminishes is to simulate an awareness. To spare the anger of his interlocutor, he will have no qualms about making promises that they have no intention of keeping. "The words are binding only on those who believe in it" That could be the motto of those people who are struggling to translate their words into action.

5- A cognitive dissonance
"Do what I say and not what I do" This characteristic of the narcissistic pervert is the most fundamental because that is how he manages to establish his grip. He will gladly confess his good intentions but when it comes to prove them, the manipulator will be to absent subscribers. Generally, they are excellent speakers who have no trouble convincing the most reluctant.

6- Hot and cold
Narcissistic perverts blow hot and cold to disconcert their victims. They will immediately repair their wrongs by making sure to flatter your chord. This flatterer lives at the expense of the one who listens but when the latter realizes the imposture his power is immediately destroyed.

7- He creates confusion
To exercise its influence, the narcissistic pervert approaches a stage to gauge what his interlocutor is ready to believe. They are clever in lying because they make sure to introduce bits of truth into their remarks and show an extraordinary apathy.

8- He plays on guilt
Generally, the narcissistic perverts take great care to choose sensitive prey with a vulnerability potential that they detect with intelligence. They will turn the tide in believing that his wrongs are shared with his partner who becomes responsible for his toxic behavior or odd.

9- He conspires against you
To isolate yourself and establish his hold, he will make sure that your friends consider him a providential person. He will look good in front of the people who are dear to you and will confide to them his supposed distress when your mood changes. He will be so convincing that his initiatives can be successful.

10- He makes you look crazy
The narcissistic pervert is ready for the worst compromises to seduce his audience. To isolate his prey, he will not hesitate to invoke the madness and to accuse the latter of not being aware of reality. And this is largely due to its contrary signals that can ultimately compromise the mental health of the victim.