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10 Signs To Detect Toxic People Who Poison Your Life

10 Signs To Detect Toxic People Who Poison Your Life

10 Signs To Detect Toxic People Who Poison You

Having a toxic person in your life is not only challenging in the long run, but it can also lead to feelings of unease and lack of self-confidence. By pulling you down, it prevents you from moving forward in life and building landmarks that are unique to you. His influence is subtle but very real. Dangerous, he gives himself the rights to your well-being, regulating your moods as he wishes, to feed his ego.

Without ever questioning, the toxic person is manipulative, in addition to being hermetic to your feelings. But be careful, the manipulation is not always wanted, nor chosen elsewhere. Some people do it unconsciously, without realizing that their behavior is deleterious to their relationships. Imprisoned in a bubble built in their own image, they have the greatest difficulty in getting rid of the clutches of their misplaced ego, which perniciously dictates their actions to rebuild.

Therefore, a toxic person is unable to admit his wrongs, because beyond the effort that this represents, it would also admit a certain defeat. A defeat that symbolizes the loss of control and being faced with a fait accompli about one's own mistakes. He will then prefer to attack others, rejecting all the wrongs on his interlocutors to ensure his well-being, to the detriment of yours.

1.He does not take action
Denial is part of his daily life. No matter what you reproach him, a toxic person will be perpetually closed to your remarks because his reality differs from yours. In his eyes, his vision of things will always be more valid than that of those around him.

2.He always changes mind
Inconsistency is the key word that characterizes it. He blows hot and cold, unable to stick to a single version of the facts. And for good reason, the toxic person adapts his language to his interlocutor, according to the objective that he wishes to reach.

3.He hides things from you
Let him who has never lied throw us the first stone. Lying is, indeed, an integral part of human nature. Nevertheless, for a toxic person, the lie is mostly a weapon. A tool to use against others to lure them and deflect them in their path.

4.He handles you
Gifted for handling, he guides you to the wrong decisions to make sure the role is good. Driven by an ego that makes him want to shine at the expense of others, he will prefer to lower you in a subtle way to feel superior.

5. He feels no remorse
Persuaded to act for the good cause, a toxic person will not feel any remorse if you confront his mistakes. The word "forgiveness" is not part of his vocabulary which, once again, puts you in a position of victim.

6.He constantly lying
How to become a master in manipulation without mastering the lie? Indeed, if a toxic person is part of your life, you will recognize it thanks to its half-truths, unspoken and cunning words. Unable to assume his responsibilities and to be frank, he turns towards the path of ease, that which will allow him to get out of his head without revealing his petty side.

7.He is only there in the good times
If your best friends come when you are at the lowest, a toxic person will prefer to reserve his presence to moments of joy. Not at all concerned by your misfortune, he will find the means to disappear when things get tough, to return when the situation improves.

8. He is busy all the time
Suffering from an increased emotional dependence, the toxic person is jealous, possessive and extremely captivating. He does not understand that you need to spend time with others and will make it a point to make you feel guilty for abandoning him. Repetitive calls, texting that chained, blackmail, nothing will be left to chance to achieve its goal.

9.He leads a double life
His moods change with the wind ... and his stories too. Desperate to hide his double life, a toxic person will protect his personal life at any cost. The height in all this? You are not allowed to do the same. Indeed, trying to preserve your intimate life is a lost business because you will be immediately accused of denigrating your relationship.

10.He tries to control you
Whatever you do, a toxic person always tries to interfere in your personal affairs. In cause, his desire to know more about your privacy to use it to his advantage. This will allow him to sit down and control you better.