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4 Longevity Secrets Of Dr. Hinohara To Live A Long And Happy Life

4 Longevity Secrets Of Dr. Hinohara To Live A Long And Happy Life

4 Longevity Tips from Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara

The famous Japanese doctor Hinohara wanted to share 4 secrets of longevity and happiness that allowed him to live in good health and for a very long time. Have you ever asked yourself what is the meaning of your life? What are your deep motivations and sources of joy? Would you be happier if you were richer, more handsome or smarter? In reality, although we have different expectations and needs, one thing is certain: health and well-being are closely correlated. 

Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara accomplished various accomplishments before dying at the age of 105. President emeritus of St. Luke International University and pioneer of preventive medicine, the doctor wanted to leave his passage on Earth. Indeed, he has written several books about longevity and well-being to enable people to have happy and harmonious lives. Through his lectures and books, the doctor has been able to share important teachings that have traveled the world. Thus, he spent his whole life helping and supporting all those who crossed his path.

Dr. Hinohara's 4 Tips for living long and healthy life

Before leaving this world, this wise man was keen to share his recommendations with others. Here are some of his tips, published by the Japan Times:

4 Longevity Tips Of Dr. Hinohara

Energy must come from a sense of inner well-being, not pleasure from food or sleep

Some people forget that well-being must come from within, not from the environment. As a result, they tend to believe that if they lack energy, it may be because they do not eat enough or they do not get enough sleep. But in reality, even though we need food and sleep to live, these two elements are not our only source of energy. The fuel of the body, which must advance it, is the intrinsic motivation of each. Indeed the mind must continually be nourished by positive thoughts, motivations and gratitude to give rise to actions full of success.

4 Longevity Tips Of Dr. Hinohara

To live long and maintain good health, avoid being overweight

For Dr. Shigeaki, maintaining a fitness weight is an inescapable condition for being healthy. According to him, all people who live long enough are not overweight. As a result, he advises a healthy and balanced diet that gives the body enough energy to function without overloading it. For breakfast, the doctor recommends eating an orange juice, milk, coffee and olive oil. "Olive oil is excellent for the arteries and keeps my skin healthy," says the doctor. For the next two meals, he advises eating vegetables, fish and rice. However, the doctor recommends limiting his meat consumption to a maximum of twice a week.

4 Longevity Tips Of Dr. Hinohara

To blossom and take care of your body, it is necessary to eat consciously.

Mindfulness nutrition is in vogue right now. What if Dr. Shigeaki was one of his pioneers? The doctor advises eating to feed his body and not to feed his mind. Therefore, he recommends eating by becoming aware of the emotions felt. Thus, people are able to know if they are eating to fill a gap and to mitigate a negative emotion or if they are really hungry. Generally, this exercise appeals to the senses and allows better control of your appetite and satiety. As a result, he helps maintain a healthy body.

4 Longevity Tips Of Dr. Hinohara

Work also contributes to well-being: retirement should be an option

The doctor worked until the age of 60 and then retired. But after 5 years, he decided to resume his professional activity as a volunteer to help some patients and contribute to the well-being of society. So, he worked 18 hours a week while enjoying his life. As a result, although the age of retirement is 65 in Japan, he advises people to continue working if they wish. In fact, being active and feeling that you are contributing to an important project helps you to be happier and healthier.