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5 Secrets You Should Never Tell Anyone About Your Personal Life

5 Secrets You Should Never Tell Anyone About Your Personal Life

Secrets You Should Never Tell Anyone About Your Personal Life

A secret love, a feeling of guilt ... We all keep a secret buried in us, because it is second nature in the human being in general. But some people break the rules and can not help sharing their secrets and unveiling their lives for fear of feeling lonely or sinking into a sort of depression, due to relationship problems.

However, by letting loose heavy confidences, it is important to know who to trust and who we can trust, because not everyone will be worthy. The secrets revealed can become gossip and be peddled to reach the ears of other totally foreign people.

As the saying goes, "To confide a secret to another is to invite him to indiscretion". So it is important to hide his secrets in the depths of his heart for many reasons. Here are five things considered fundamental not to reveal.

past regrets

The past regrets
Everyone has a past he can be proud of, or not. But is it necessary to reveal it, as glorious as it is? Would not it be better to go beyond it, especially when it is a source of bitterness and regret? The difficulties of the past when they are not fully resolved, may accompany you throughout your life. Moreover, revealing one's past to someone as close as it is, is not really the most insightful idea. And for good reason, true friends are rare and if you have any among your loved ones, it is because you are lucky. An envious and hypocritical friend will be the peddler of your past and the impostor who will harm you in life.

Material Belongings

Material Belongings
Apart from the jealous ones who will envy you for your wealth and material possessions, showing off your prosperity may seem to others to be arrogance and impertinence. Of course, there is nothing wrong with enjoying the fruits of his hard work, however some people will see this action with a bad eye and consider that it is necessary to show modesty and reserve the risk to pass for a boastful.

Material Belongings

Talking about your goals
Some people proudly announce their goals, except that this is a big mistake. The ambitions of life must remain secret and the person who projects them must be the only one to know the substance. And for good reason, revealing its objectives reduces their chances of being successful. Announcing a project will make you feel like you've already accomplished it, which will reduce your motivation to work and move forward for accomplishment. In the end, no change will see the horizon and you risk staying at the same point, for years.


Talking about your Incomes
Does he / she win more than me and is he / she better off than me? These are the questions that colleagues, friends or brother and sister can ask; competition requires, but it must not be accompanied by jealousy. Revealing one's income has always been the subject of controversy: shame on one's low salary or fear of being envied for a high salary. However, revealing his rewards and especially when they are consistent, will only attract the greed of the most profiteers and fricoteurs.

good deeds

Talking about good deeds
Good is the foundation of life and doing good around you is a good thing that will attract only positive waves. But the most important thing is not to boast of it because, as the proverb dictates, "Whoever praises the good he does, loses all his merit". Also, doing an act of charity should be the ultimate goal of every compassionate person to needy and needy individuals. But the most commendable is to silence his good deeds without coveting gratitude or reward; these are just the fruit of the oversized ego that pushes everyone to make great case of his little person.