8 Exercises For Belly Fat Good For Your Health

8 Exercises For Belly Fat Good For Your Health

Combined with a sedentary lifestyle, a copious diet and little variety can permanently impact our silhouette. To quickly regain our fitness weight, it is essential to establish new eating habits but also to adopt a healthier lifestyle. This resolution also involves the resumption of a sustained physical activity that can be accompanied by a follow-up with a professional. If you tend to store fat in the stomach, back and waist, these exercises are for you.

It can happen that a prolonged period of sloppiness muffles our figure and makes appear on our body of unsightly bulges. To fight against the consequences linked to food excesses and lack of physical activity, it is essential to favor exercises adapted to the body areas concerned with the accumulation of fats. Here are eight exercises to fight the bulges.

Consequence of weight gain on health
When we exceed the recommended weight limit for our size, we expose ourselves to serious health hazards. Obesity, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, all the risks we face when we let our overweight reach worrying proportions. To preserve your health and regain our fitness and health weight, it is essential to balance your diet and to establish a healthier lifestyle. These initiatives involve the practice of targeted exercises that aim to eliminate the fat that accumulates in the belly area.

1- Jump lunges

Exercises For Belly Fat Good For Your Health

-Place one knee in front of you and the other behind, facing the ground

-Please bend your knees lowering yourself

-Sweep and change the position of your knees simultaneously

-Return to the initial position

-Practice this exercise for a minute

2- Climb mountains

Exercises For Belly Fat Good For Your Health

-Place yourself in plank position

-Place your right knee against your chest and extend your left knee as much as possible

-Alternate the movement between each leg

-Make three sets of 25 moves

3- The burpees

Exercises For Belly Fat Good For Your Health

- Stand up straight at the height of your shoulders

-Push your hips and your buttocks back into the squat position

-Return to the initial position by jumping

-Make this movement 15 times

4- Exercise with fitness ball

Exercises For Belly Fat Good For Your Health

-Stand yourself by leaning your upper body slightly towards your knees

-Lift the fitness ball over your head

-Make 10 to 15 repetitions of this movement


Exercises For Belly Fat Good For Your Health

- Warm up at least 5 minutes before this exercise by stretching to avoid muscle pain

- For the first sprint, mobilize only 50% of your speed

- Repeat the exercise 4 times, making sure to gradually increase the running level

6-Abdominal crunches

Exercises For Belly Fat Good For Your Health

-Lake down and place your feet on the floor by bending your knees

-Hands behind the head, reach your knees with the upper body

-Return gently backwards by contracting your abdominal muscles

-Repeat this exercise 15 times

7- Bicycle crunch

Exercises For Belly Fat Good For Your Health

- Lie on the floor, knees bent

- With your hands behind your head, raise your knees to form a 90 ° angle and elevate your feet from the ground

-Tilt the top of your body so that your knee can touch your elbow

-Make 4 sets of 15 to 20 repetitions

8- The Side plank with arm lift

Exercises For Belly Fat Good For Your Health

- Lie on your side by supporting your weight with your right arm

- Extend the left arm upwards

- Hold this position for 5 seconds and return to the position of the classic board

- Do the same movement with the left arm

- Make 3 to 4 sets of 10 repetitions

To quickly observe the results of these effective exercises, it is essential to adapt your diet to your new sports habits. To strengthen your muscles, be sure to consume foods that are high in protein. A diet rich in fiber will also help fight against cravings, responsible for weight gain. A sustained physical activity for one hour a day will allow you to fight against the presence of abdominal fat but also to promote a state of well-being and fullness. To follow your progress, please rate your measurements and take a picture monthly.

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