5 Reasons To Add Vinegar To Your Washing Machine

Add Vinegar To Your Washing Machine

Today there is a flurry of laundry products. Unfortunately they are not always effective, and are not always natural. Absorbing the tissues of your clothes, reducing their color or sometimes even harming your skin, it is sometimes wise to return to natural and ancestral solutions. One of them ? The vinegar. Its high acidity will get rid of odors and stubborn stains, all while being economical. Here are 5 reasons to wash your laundry with vinegar.

Vinegar is a product with a strong smell. Its pronounced taste accompanies your salads in salad dressings, mayonnaise or to marinate your meat. Vinegar is a product known for its food use, but did you know that it could be an excellent ally for your laundry? We tell you everything.

Add Vinegar To Your Washing Machine

1. Revives white, protects black
To protect the white shine of your clothes, one generally uses bleach or an industrial product with the chemical composition. Forget everything. Add half a cup of vinegar in your drum, you will see your laundry take back its white of yesteryear. But the vinegar does not stop there. The black of your clothes dissolves little by little because of the products that you use to wash them, by putting vinegar, it will come to protect your black clothes from the chemical aggression of your washing products.

Add Vinegar To Your Washing Machine

2. Eliminates smells
We did it all at least once, after washing our clothes we do not dry them right away and we let them hang out. Unfortunately the clothes take a very unpleasant smell, which sometimes will need several washes to eliminate it. By using vinegar, you are sure to eradicate any smell from your clothes. You can use this trick for your joggings that smell of perspiration or for clothing with a cigarette smell. So do not hesitate to add a quarter cup of vinegar to the wash cycle.

Add Vinegar To Your Washing Machine

3. Softens your laundry, and protects the environment
It must be admitted, the sensation of soft clothes that have just been washed is very satisfactory. Unfortunately the classic and industrial softeners are bad for you. They contain allergens, which will irritate your skin and may cause allergies on fragile skin, namely those of children. It must also be known that these products are very harmful to the environment. So after cleaning the conventional softeners pollute the water. They could therefore come to threaten the aquatic fauna and flora.

If you want to keep the same effect as these products without harming your skin or that of your children, use vinegar. In addition vinegar is all to be harmless to the environment. A quarter cup at the end of the cycle should be enough to soften and soften your laundry.

Add Vinegar To Your Washing Machine

4. Removes stubborn stains
When we are greedy, fat is usually present in our diet. Whether it's ketchup, mayonnaise or the sauce of your steak, this fat can sometimes end up on your clothes. It is very difficult to get rid of it. Do not panic, soak the stains with a little vinegar before washing, then proceed normally. The spots will disappear effectively.

Add Vinegar To Your Washing Machine

5. Cleans your washing machine
Washing after washing, bacteria residues accumulate in your washing machine. After extensive use it is therefore advisable to clean your machine to restore its original brightness. For this, a bottle of vinegar will suffice. Pour half a cup into your product bin and the rest into the drum. Start a cycle. Do not hesitate to do this process twice a month to maintain your washing machine.

Warning: It is absolutely not recommended to mix white vinegar and bleach. This can produce a gas that is harmful to your health.

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