7 Subtle Signs That A Person Is Jealous of You (And How To Spot It)

7 Subtle Signs That A Person Is Jealous of You

It must have happened to everyone to feel at one point in his life the unpleasant tingling of the pangs of jealousy. This desire to possess what the other has and to enjoy the same privileges can create harmful impulses and generate bad waves that can easily ruin the atmosphere. With these 7 signs, learn to recognize the jealous and envious around you to avoid them at all costs!

Here are the 7 obvious signs that someone is jealous of you!

7 Subtle Signs That A Person Is Jealous of You

1- They make false praise
Jean Rostand had said, "One should know how to listen to praise with the ear of an enemy. And his quotation is most revealing as to certain praises that seem benevolent but dripping with passive aggression and extreme jealousy. These same individuals will probably quickly raise their eyes to the sky in sign of spite as soon as you left the room. They can not bear to see that others evolve and enjoy success and can not help but compare their situation to that of others.

Clinical psychologist Leon F. Seltzer says, "Unless you are wary of the praises and flattery of others, it is prudent to ask if they may have a hidden agenda to praise you. In this way, you can minimize the possibility that their seemingly sincere compliments stem from a double-faced personality. "

7 Subtle Signs That A Person Is Jealous of You

2- They are trying to tarnish your success
In the collection of apothegms and axioms, it is quoted that "Merit is no more a chance of success than success is proof of merit. ".

Yet, this is far from being shared by the jealous people who feel that your success is only the result of chance or luck that you do not seem to have made enough effort to deserve it.

Whatever arguments they make, they will always look disjointed or completely rude and in fact reflect only their extreme frustration at not being able to celebrate their own success.

7 Subtle Signs That A Person Is Jealous of You

3- They show their victory when you celebrate your success
Someone of envious will soon be unpacking his moments of glory when you are celebrating yours. For him, everything is competition and he has no qualms about stealing the show in your precious moments.

As for example, get engaged while you are celebrating your wedding, so all means are good to attract the interest and admiration of others. Another way to show that he too has his own successes and exploits, which actually reveals a low self-esteem obvious.

The advice is not to pay attention to their petty reactions, congratulate them on their achievements, maybe it will give them a little humility and show them the good example to follow.

7 Subtle Signs That A Person Is Jealous of You

4- They are the kings of imitation
Some behaviors speak volumes about the real thoughts of those around you. Those motivated by jealousy have the inner wish to go beyond you, and they think they can do it by imitating each of your gestures and all your expressions. By copying you, this reassures them and gives them a better opinion of themselves but also betrays the intense desire to look like you. Do not let this affect your mood and gently try to advise them to develop their own style in harmony with their being.

Remember that most of these things can be done in an unconscious way and that humans sometimes have trouble seeing themselves in their true light.

7 Subtle Signs That A Person Is Jealous of You

5- They compete with you closely
Some people see life as a competition, and even though they are part of your circle of friends, they may want to go beyond what you do. They take this as a personal motivation and always push the boundaries to get to your level. Their ego, usually puffed up with arrogance, gives them a sense of superiority that makes it unbearable for them not to be first in everything.

Instead of going into their unhealthy and useless game, just remind them that this is not a confrontational duel but that everyone has an individual path of accomplishment to move at their own pace. It may dissuade them from the obsession of wanting to fight at all costs.

7 Subtle Signs That A Person Is Jealous of You

6- They criticize your weak points
Envy and jealous people have the unhealthy drive to constantly want to rectify the world around them. They will automatically point to your failures to remind the world of your vulnerability and weakness. And will feel an intense pleasure to see you humiliated or reprimanded as would be the case by a superior, for example. In addition, they will hide their own shortcomings and will try to hide them at the cost of others.

This should not offend you, however, because the error is human and is instead part of the rewarding process of learning. Embrace your flaws and learn from your failures without making them sensitive topics.

7 Subtle Signs That A Person Is Jealous of You

7- They talk in your back
If they do not have the courage to confront you face to face and tell you what they think in all sincerity, the jealous will often wait that you have the back turned to express aloud what they think very low. Sometimes going as far as slander, and resorting to exaggeration and lies to demonize you in the eyes of all.

Do not care what people can say to you when you are not there, because if they do not have the courage of their ideas you have zero credibility to give them. What's more, the only opinion that matters is yours! Trust yourself, keep going and let the haters talk.

As the author James Clear makes clear, "... the negativity of others is like a wall. And if you focus on it, then you go straight on. You will be blocked by negative emotions, anger and self-doubt. Your mind will go where your attention is focused. Criticism and negativity do not stop you from reaching the finish line, but they can certainly distract you.

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