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16 Items We Unknowingly Continue to Use After Their Expiration Date

16 Items We Unknowingly Continue to Use After Their Expiration Date

Many daily objects have an expiration date which is not mentioned. Here are 17 items that we continue to use after expiration. It's not uncommon to keep multiple items in our closets and homes for a long time. However, many everyday objects have expiration dates that are not mentioned anywhere. Whether it's cleaning products, cooking ingredients or even items like sunglasses, this list of items and their expiration date will amaze you.

17 items that we continue to use after expiration

The expiration date is necessary and compulsory information for certain products, communicated by the manufacturer. Here is without further delay the list of 17 objects whose expiration dates are not mentioned

17 items whose expiration date is unknown

Hydrogen peroxide

1. Hydrogen peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen peroxide is a product with various uses found in most homes. However, you should know that 2 months after opening the hydrogen peroxide loses its effectiveness. You can nevertheless keep a closed bottle for 1 year.


2. Spices
Spices are ingredients with multiple and varied benefits. They not only enhance the taste of our dishes but are also allies for our health that should not be overlooked. Be aware, however, that most spices lose their properties after 2 years.

Sports shoes

3. Sports shoes
Sports shoes are designed to limit the impact on our feet. However after a while or after prolonged use it is essential to replace them. Generally sports shoes must be replaced after 6 months.

Tea bags

4. Tea bags
Unfortunately your tea bags lose their taste over time. It is not recommended to use a tea bag after more than 6 months.


5. Sunglasses
An object that will surprise more than one! Sunglasses protect against ultraviolet rays thanks to a special coating. However, long-term exposure to UV rays deteriorates this coating. It is advisable to replace your sunglasses after 2 years to effectively protect your eyes.

Toothbrush & Toothpaste

6. Toothbrush & Toothpaste
A toothbrush is an object that is essential to our oral health. However, exposure to bacteria in our mouths can make the toothbrush a real germ. It is therefore advisable to replace it every 3 months.

The toothpaste gradually loses its effectiveness. It is advisable not to use toothpaste that is more than one year old.


7. The towels
A wet towel is a perfect vector where bacteria can grow. This is why they must be cleaned regularly. Unfortunately this cleaning will continuously degrade the tissue of the towel. It is advisable to replace them after 3 years of use.


8. Combs
Combs are items that usually need to be replaced after a year.


9. Bras
Unfortunately, you will not be able to wear your favorite bra forever. After a while the bras will deform and may irritate you. It is advisable to replace them after 2 years of use.


10. Slippers
The slippers become a real germ nest after a long period of use. It is therefore best to replace them every 6 months to avoid any problem for your feet.


11. Pillows
A pillow loses its shape and this can be detrimental to your comfort when you fall asleep. For quality sleep, replace your pillows every 3 years.


12. Blanket
When blanket are well maintained they can last up to 7 years. After this date, they will have to be replaced


13. Mattresses
A mattress is an essential object for a restful sleep. A quality mattress can last up to 10 years. Do not forget to return it every 6 months to better distribute the wear.

Cutting boards

14. Cutting boards
Whether it is for cutting bread or meat, it is not uncommon after a while to see crevices forming on a cutting board. These crevices can harbor bacteria of all kinds, so it is advisable to replace a cutting board after 3 years.


15. Spatulas
In the same line as cutting boards, deteriorated spatulas can contain bacteria that a wash will not reach. Replace them after 2 years of use.

Smartphone batteries

16. Smartphone batteries
And yes ! Smartphone batteries are also aging. It is therefore advisable to replace your phone's battery after 2 years of use.