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5 Things Aloe Vera Does To Your Body: The Egyptians Call It "The Plant Of Immortality"

5 Things Aloe Vera Does To Your Body: The Egyptians Call It "The Plant Of Immortality"

To take care of your health, it is important to choose the right foods. Find out what aloe vera does to your body when you consume it. Naturopathic aficionados are formal: to protect their health and guarantee the proper functioning of their organs, nothing like "intelligent" food. By being scrupulous in the preparation of our meals, we promote both our well-being and our physical situation. And for this, we must choose foods with high nutritional value rich in antioxidants. "We are what we eat" has never seemed more supposed. To make this keyword a credo, aloe vera is then a natural remedy all indicated. The Egyptians gave this food a nice nickname: "the plant of immortality". Here are the benefits you can enjoy by consuming it daily.

Aloe Vera

To preserve your health capital and promote your well-being, it is essential to be demanding in terms of your nutritional intake. By choosing highly qualitative foods, we effectively fight against the presence of free radicals responsible for the appearance of diseases and premature cell aging. Among these treasures of Mother Nature, we can count on "the plant of immortality", the other baptismal name for aloe vera. And for good reason, this fleshy plant is full of benefits that make it an essential ingredient in your refreshing drinks.

Aloe vera is a plant full of nutrients

By consuming aloe vera regularly, you ensure a good part of the recommended nutritional intake. The reason ? The plant is rich in vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E but also in folic acid and choline. An ideal cocktail to preserve your daily health. What about vitamin B12: this element is essential for the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system. According to this study, consumption of aloe vera increases bioavailability, the proportion of a substance that reaches the bloodstream, of this vitamin, making it easier for the body to absorb.

Aloe Vera, to prevent hyperglycemia and cholesterol
With this plant, you can both fight hyperglycemia and cholesterol. These combined mechanisms bear witness to this since aloe vera regulates blood sugar levels and jointly prevents the attachment of lipids in our arterial pathways. The conclusions of this in-vivo experiment are rather convincing with significant results on hyperglycemia and cholesterol. So many reasons to integrate the pulp in our morning drinks!

Aloe Vera, to fight against constipation
To fight against a slowed transit, aloe vera is an all natural remedy. And for good reason, the food with viscous flesh is full of essential fibers to promote better digestion. It is scientifically proven: the consumption of "the plant of immortality" is one of the natural alternatives recommended in the treatment of constipation. Convincing arguments to invite aloe vera more often in our smoothies.

Aloe Vera, for your beauty
Did you know that you can make this plant your essential beauty ally? No need to get hold of sometimes expensive cosmetics since aloe vera is a formidable moisturizing ointment. Waterlogged, it deeply nourishes the skin and thus prevents the first signs of aging. According to this study, aloe vera is also recommended for its healing properties. And that's not all: this pulp can also act as a mask for damaged and brittle hair. The reason ? Its high moisturizing potential which makes it an essential part of your beauty routine.

Aloe Vera, the friend of your teeth
To fight tartar, aloe vera can be a good addition to your dental hygiene. And the plant has more than one turn in its pulp since it eliminates the presence of plaque which can compromise your dental health. According to the conclusions of this experiment, an aloe vera mouthwash can significantly reduce this dental discomfort that we could well do without!

How To Prepare Aloe Vera Drink?

To observe significant results on your health, we advise you to obtain the plant of biological origin.


- 10 cm of aloe vera stem
- 300 ml of spring water
- The juice of half a lemon

- Extract the pulp from the stem with a knife. Remove the toxic green skin.

- Place the flesh in a blender and add the lemon juice until a homogeneous liquid is obtained.

- Pour spring water on this preparation and mix the drink. Store it in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

Caution :
Aloe vera is to be avoided in case of intestinal obstruction, kidney problems and heart disease.