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7 Reasons Why We Break Up with Someone We Love

7 Reasons Why We Break Up with Someone We Love

It happens sometimes that we meet a man who corresponds perfectly to our expectations. We see the future through his eyes and we immediately imagine that our relationship will last forever. But the more time passes, the more we realize that this happiness was only illusory.

Break Up with Someone  We Love

Although love is the most noble feeling that can exist on Earth, it can be destructive. Indeed, it can give rise to as much excitement and joy as sadness and bitterness. Most women have already experienced this emotional ambivalence characteristic of married life. "I hate him as much as I love him", "He insults me but I can not imagine my life without him", "His presence makes me feel good but his character makes me suffer", are all sentences that we hear frequently in love. But when the relationship does not bring us more satisfaction, the break remains the only option. However, many women find it difficult to take the plunge and leave their partners.

Love, guilt and fear of loneliness are the three main factors that prevent ending a painful relationship. According to Maryse Vaillant, psychologist, what makes a person stay in a relationship even if it is not filled is the fear of facing a vacuum that would revive some childhood injuries.

Why break up with the man we love?
Some women endure a lot of things for love. Unfortunately, their excess of indulgence confines them to a toxic relationship, which harms their development and destroys them emotionally.

But sometimes, the break can be life-saving and allow a woman to end her suffering in favor of future happiness.

Here are the reasons why you have to break up with a man even if you like him

1- You can not trust him
Trust is the pillar of a successful relationship. If you are with a man who lets doubt float or who does not look sincere when he speaks to you, you can not move forward with him. Indeed, you should not need to constantly monitor him, read his text messages and e-mails and verify his claims by asking his relatives. If so, you have nothing to do together.

2- You can not communicate effectively
Second key to maintaining a relationship: communication. If you have the impression that your discussions are futile, that he does not listen to you and that he makes no effort to understand you, it is time to abandon this man.

3- You made too many sacrifices
Generally, we all make sacrifices in a relationship. Thus, we can sometimes cancel certain outings to stay with our spouse. But when your partner forces you to drop the activities you love and give up some people for him, it's clearly not the right one.

4- Your relationship is unstable
Some people have unstable relationships, characterized by ruptures and reunions. If this avoids the routine and animate the actors of the couple, it is not an adequate behavior. Indeed, the partners must show maturity and seek stability to advance in a harmonious relationship.

5- You do not have the same values
A couple must have common principles to move in the same direction and to inscribe the relationship in the long term. If you and your spouse have opposing ideas, there is a good chance it will create more tension than joy.

6- You have two different goals
When you have life goals that diverge and you already know that your relationship will be in a dilemma later, do not extend the deadline.

7- You got tired
If you feel that you have given too much and that no positive change has occurred, it is because you no longer have the strength to fight. Indeed, getting tired of the behavior of others should make you change course and take care of yourself.

8- You suffer physical or emotional violence
If you are subject to beatings, insults, threats or behavior that makes you feel down, it's time to end this relationship. You are far better than you have been thinking and you deserve to meet true love.