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Onions Are An Excellent Remedy For Common Diseases - Here Are 8 Ways To Use Them

Onions Are An Excellent Remedy For Common Diseases - Here Are 8 Ways To Use Them

To take care of one's daily health, nutrition aficionados are aware of the importance of "eating smart". And for good reason, each food has essential properties to promote the proper functioning of one or more organs. The onion is one of them. Rich in allicin and sulfur compounds, the herbaceous plant essential to the seasoning of our dishes is full of antioxidants essential to fight against free radicals. With this property, the onion is an essential food to protect against diseases and cell aging. Did you know that you could enjoy 8 benefits by consuming it regularly?

Onions Are An Excellent Remedy For Common Diseases

Here's how to make the most of this multi-layer vegetable.

Consumed raw or cooked, the onion delicately raises the taste of all our dishes and reinvents itself in several flavors according to the way we cook. Sweet or sour, onion is not only delicious, but it's also a mine of antioxidants that fight the body against the presence of free radicals responsible for diseases or premature cell aging. To take care of your daily health, the onion is a super food that has the power to overcome 8 common diseases. Here's how to intelligently enjoy the mechanisms of the tasty vegetable and rich in benefits.

1- For coughing
The anti-inflammatory properties of the multi-layered vegetable make it an ideal food for fighting against this winter ailment. Its sulfur compounds allow it to thin the mucus that congest the airways. Thanks to its expectorant effect, the onion promotes the elimination of secretions responsible for this discomfort present in winter. According to this study, the biennial herbaceous plant is recommended to fight the symptomatic cough of the flu.

2- For hair loss
To speed up hair growth, did you think about onion? This activates the blood circulation on the scalp, an essential mechanism to have a dense and dense capillary mass. Applied locally, the herbaceous plant also fights against dandruff and strengthens the hair because of its nutritious vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin B6, calcium and potassium. Scientists are formal: onion is an effective alternative to alopecia treatments.

3- Relieve chest congestion
Also thanks to its expectorant mechanism, the onion is recommended to relieve discomfort to the chest. Its anti-inflammatory properties also allow it to fight against the painful congestion caused by coughing. Mixed with coconut oil, the grated onion is applied in balm on the chest for immediate relief.

4- To strengthen the bones
The onion is ideal for fighting against bone fragility. Its sulfur compounds act in favor of bone densification. According to this study, middle-aged women consuming these herbaceous plants are 20% more likely to have no hip fractures than their counterparts who do not consume them.

5- Relieve insect sting
No need to take the essence of lemongrass, the onion can also relieve you against the itching felt after a mosquito bite. And we owe these soothing properties to the anti-inflammatory mechanisms of the herbaceous plant.

6- Superficial wounds
For a small scratch or a slight cut, the onion is a natural remedy. And for good reason, the vegetable has antibacterial properties that allow it to protect the body from the proliferation of germs that could compromise healing. Simply apply a small piece of onion to the superficial wound.

7- Clean the air
Always thanks to its antibacterial virtues, the onion is ideal to clean the air of a room. For this, simply cut the food in half and place it on your bedside table or under your bed. The next day, the plant will have absorbed germs and bacteria.

8- To lose weight
To find a wasp size, think more often about the onion. This natural remedy is rich in fiber, essential substances to trigger the feeling of satiety necessary to withstand untimely cravings. According to the findings of this experiment conducted in-vivo, the consumption of onion allows to observe significant changes in case of obesity.