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Scientists Say Working Before 10 AM Is Similar to Torture

Scientists Say Working Before 10 AM Is Similar to Torture

Many of us take noses in the morning literally cursing the day's work we have to face. Without being a night owl, we can be caught by a feeling of intense fatigue when waking up. We sometimes even wonder what escapes us because our energy level can be so low and this, despite a healthy lifestyle. Whether it is physical or emotional exhaustion, there are many habits to deploy to regain the drive necessary to the smooth running of a busy day. Here are some actions to adopt to increase your enthusiasm and your energy, daily.

Scientists Say Working Before 10 AM Is Similar to Torture

The intense level of stress can cause us to feel overwork physically and intellectually. Characterized by a feeling of discouragement, fatigue can affect our productivity and our relationships with others. Despite this, many of us pull the rope up to our physical limits. Yet, there are simple habits to establish in his daily life to spare trouble of exhaustion. Actions that can fill you with well-being and enthusiasm even if you have to face the busiest days.

Everything starts before bedtime

To wake up with enthusiasm, everything starts before bedtime. If we tend to collapse on his bed to recover, it would be wiser to prepare his night upstream to sleep a restful sleep. Thus, gestures such as preparing clothes, meals, lists of tasks the day before can increase productivity and energy from the first hours after waking. Here are some habits to adopt as you prepare to surrender to the arms of Morpheus.

1- Close its shutters!
After ventilating your bedroom, close the shutters and prepare a subdued atmosphere conducive to sleep. Sleeping in the dark can increase the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep. With this simple gesture, you will be able to offer a restful night of the most soothing!

2- Eat light
Those who dine copiously do not fail: a rich meal prevents falling asleep because the body works at full speed to digest. It is best to eat small portions before bedtime to avoid digestive upset and feel lighter.

3- Ban coffee in the afternoon
A little black to face the end of the day? Only nay. And for good reason, its caffeine content will act while you are about to fall asleep. This stimulant can not only affect your quality of sleep but also cause insomnia. Thanks, have a light hand on the espresso!

4- Turn off the screens
The blue light of the screens tends to inhibit the production of melatonin. In addition to preventing the conditioning to fall asleep, they solicit the brain which, stimulated, runs at full speed. Turn off tablets, telephones, and TV sets at least one hour before bedtime.

5- Write your program for the next day
Sometimes you can feel overwhelmed by the prospect of tomorrow. Only by laying down our paper tasks, you risk realizing that this challenge is quite surmountable. By prioritizing your priorities, you will have more visibility and leave less room for procrastination. Keeping a daily diary will allow you to tidy up a stream of incessant thoughts and thus dispel the anxiety that results from uncertainty.

When you wake up:

6- Drink water
Hydration enough to better eliminate toxins that, in excess, can cause a feeling of fatigue. You can also add a few drops of lemon or ginger for their toning properties. Consumed in cure, these remedies will allow you to approach the day with more energy.

7- 1,2,3 ... Get up!
Aficionados of the "Repeat" button on waking will feel concerned. Another 10 minutes will not make you get any better. On the contrary, you will feel overwhelmed by a short delay and will not be fully ready to face the day. The best way to avoid the temptation of "a few more minutes" is to place your alarm clock as far as possible. So, to stop it, you will be forced to jump out of bed.

8- Sing at the top of your head
In the shower, while preparing breakfast or listening to the radio, celebrate this beautiful day ahead. An exciting activity such as singing will increase your frequency and energy. Because who says good mood says excellent day.