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The 7 Virtues Of Mango For Health

The 7 Virtues Of Mango For Health

Mango is a tropical fruit highly valued for its sweet flavor and tender, juicy texture. This delicious fleshy fruit will delight the taste buds of adults and children. Rich in color and flavor, it is nonetheless nutritious. Indeed, mango includes a multitude of vitamins and minerals that make it a health ally. Discover the 7 reasons that must push you to consume it more often!

Virtues Of Mango For Health

Mango is rich in polyphenols that have antioxidant effects beneficial to the body. These have the particularity of reducing the harmful effects of free radicals and thus slowing cellular aging. Considered a food well-being, mango offers many benefits to the body.

The benefits of mango

Mango ranks second in the list of the most popular tropical fruits in the world, after banana. Nevertheless, the mango is no less excellent for the body.

1- Mango prevents age-related conditions
Thanks to its content of phenolic compounds, this fruit protects the cells of the human body against damage caused by oxidative stress. As a result, mango protects the body against the development of several age-related diseases such as kidney and lung diseases or degenerative disorders. According to the World Academy of Sciences, it is mangiferin, a compound that contains the fruit, which has many therapeutic properties.

2- Mango  boosts the immune system
Mango contains many nutrients including vitamins A, C, B and E. In addition, it provides the body with a source of copper. In a research conducted in the laboratory, scientists have highlighted the role of vitamin A to promote the immune system. Vitamin C is also known for its immunostimulant potential

3- Mango promotes weight loss
Delicious, the mango is not a priori the first fruit that we think when we want to lose weight. Indeed, its sweet taste can go against our representation of a low calorie food. And yet, mango is rich in dietary fiber and vitamin C and is only 64 calories per 100 grams. Indeed, it has been proven in a study that fruit fibers, including mango, contribute to control and weight loss.

4- Mango protects the heart
Containing mangiferin, mango protects the heart cells from potential damage. A study on rodents shows that this compound has a powerful action to preserve heart health. These results can be explained by the ability of mangiferin to lower blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

5- Mango speeds up digestion
Disorders of digestion can significantly alter the quality of life of those who suffer from it. But thanks to its soluble fibers, mango can accelerate the process of digestion. Indeed, a scientific experiment proves that the consumption of this fruit rich in pectin accelerates intestinal transit and fights against constipation.

6- Mango cares for the eyes
Mango contains luthein and zeaxanthin, two compounds that have antioxidant capacity. These pigments that give color to fruits and vegetables have been the subject of many studies. Thus, it appears that luthein and zeaxanthin protect the eyes and prevent age-related macular degeneration.

7- Mango improves the quality of hair and skin
Mango is rich in vitamin C, an essential compound for beautiful hair and healthy skin. Indeed, this vitamin increases the production of collagen, allowing to offer more elasticity to the skin and to avoid sagging skin. In addition, vitamin A contained in mango promotes the growth of the scalp and protects against external aggression.

- It is not recommended to eat mango if you are taking anticoagulant medications.

- If you have any allergy, seek the advice of your doctor before consuming mango.