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9 Foods That Promote High Blood Pressure

9 Foods That Promote High Blood Pressure

Excessive salt intake can cause hypertension. Only other foods can hide it and increase your blood pressure. Find out the nine foods that reduce high blood pressure. Hypertension is a disease characterized by too high blood pressure. Affecting more people every year, this condition is one of the most common cardiovascular disorders. If left untreated, this disease can cause many complications. Also, diet is one of the most important factors when it comes to controlling high blood pressure. Salt is the main condiment in the viewfinder of people who suffer from it, you should know that other foods can also be implicated.

9 Foods That Reduce High Blood Pressure

The primary risk factor for stroke, high blood pressure is nicknamed the "silent killer." And for good reason, this disease is often asymptomatic. As a result, of the 16 million people with hypertension, only 12 million are treated, according to the federation of diabetics.

Salt, the enemy of blood pressure
People with hypertension are aware that reducing salt intake is essential for balancing blood pressure. This scientific study confirms this by adding that a moderate consumption of salt (5 to 6 g per day) would have a major beneficial effect on cardiovascular health. While some remain skeptical of the effects of salt on blood pressure, the fact remains that all scientists are unanimous in saying that limiting salt intake is necessary. If this condiment is the subject of controversy, other foods should also be consumed in moderation.

9 foods that increase your blood pressure

1- Licorice
Although its typical taste is appreciated by many people, licorice is not without risk to health. As Dr. Jean-Pierre Falet explains to the site why the author, licorice root extract products can increase blood pressure. A finding validated by this study published in the Journal of the Canadian Medical Association (CMAJ).

2- Lunch meats
Lunch meats is much appreciated and is one of the most consumed foods. What you should know, however, is that the deli contains a significant amount of hidden salt. This food is therefore to be consumed in moderation at the risk of increasing blood pressure.

3- Red meat
Eating too much red meat could be harmful to your health. A study of French women found an association between eating red meat and increasing blood pressure.

4- Soy sauce
To the great regret of aficionados of Asian cuisine, soy sauce is a condiment very rich in salt. It is therefore essential to moderate your consumption of soy sauce to balance your blood pressure.

5- Cheese
Cheese is undeniably part of the French gastronomic heritage. However, the latter is also rich in salt. It is therefore important to reduce your consumption of cheese when you are prone to hypertension.

6- Industrial dishes
Industrial dishes are for many reasons harmful to your health. These are generally very salty and negatively impact your cardiovascular health.

7- Soft drinks and other sugary drinks
Soft drinks and other sugary drinks such as industrial juices significantly increase your blood pressure according to this study published in the scientific journal Clinical and Experimental Hypertension.

8- Potato
Mashed, fried or simply steamed, the potato is a versatile and delicious food. However, according to this study, it is also a food that can increase your blood pressure if consumed in excess.

9- Alcohol
Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. This is especially true when it comes to your cardiovascular health: Excessive alcohol consumption increases blood pressure according to this study.