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10 Flowers and Vegetables You Can Grow With Only a Glass of Water To Make Your Home Feel More Relaxing

10 Flowers and Vegetables You Can Grow With Only a Glass of Water To Make Your Home Feel More Relaxing

Flowers and Vegetables You Can Grow With Only a Glass

For a successful decoration and a pleasant living space, plants are unmissable allies. At the entrance, on a coffee table or at the edge of a window, this touch of greenery always enchants the view. However, many of us give it up, considering it too complex to maintain. A misleading reasoning since there is a plethora of plants and flowers that only need a glass of water to grow! Let's find out in this article.

Bringing a touch of elegance and freshness to your interior has never been easier. As long as you know these easy-to-grow plants, brightening up your home will be a breeze. Indeed, it is quite possible to bring color to your environment without being an expert in botany. And this also applies to plants useful in cooking that we would benefit from growing ourselves so that we always have them at hand!

The care of the flowers and plants that we present to you today is also extremely simple, since you will only need a glass and a little water. Here are 10 to discover for a plethora of choices to adapt to your preferences.


1. Hyacinth
Ideal for brightening up our interior, hyacinth can be grown in a simple glass container. Be careful however to use the right technique because its bulb should not be in contact with water. For this purpose, it is advisable to place some pebbles at the bottom of your vase (or glass) then to deposit the bulbs, making sure that the water is a few millimeters below.


2- Tulips
To grow your tulips, a vase may be more suitable. The stems of these flowers are quite long, they will need space in height to develop. To see them bloom at home, simply place their bulb in a little water!


3- The Amaryllis
The principle is the same as for hyacinth. Place the bulb of the amaryllis making sure that its base only touches the surface of the water. You can use a narrow vase or pebbles to provide it with a base. Then keep the plant warm for a week before placing it in a very bright place.


4- Garlic
To grow it, simply place pods in a glass of water, making sure the pointed part is facing up. You just have to let it germinate to get beautiful roots! These can then be planted in soil if you want to use it in cooking.

Chinese cabbage

5- Chinese cabbage
The technique is very simple. Take the cabbage heart and place it in a little water. Place your container in a sunny place, making sure to change the water regularly. Small leaves will appear after a few days.

Green onion

6- Green onion
It’s a great trick to keep it close at hand. Once you have used the green part of the onion, place the white bulb and the roots in a glass with a little water. It will only take a few days to see the stems grow back!


7- Mint
To grow it at home, simply remove the leaves from the stem and place it in a glass containing about 3 centimeters of water. Make sure your container is exposed to the sun and change the water regularly.


8- Carrots
Resuscitating your carrot tips is entirely possible. To do this, immerse them in water leaving a centimeter protruding. Cover your glass container and place them in a place exposed to the sun. Change the water every 48 hours to avoid the formation of mold and you can observe the appearance of beautiful, tender and crunchy tops!


9- Basil
Having basil handy is very simple. Place the cuttings of the plant in a glass of water exposed to the sun. After a few days, small roots will form. Once well developed, these can be planted in soil.


10- Rosemary
Cut a branch of 15 centimeters and remove the leaves which are in the lower part. Place it in a glass of water, favoring a sunny place. The water should be changed every day to see beautiful shoots appear after a few weeks.