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7 Ancestral Ways To Get Rid of Negative Energy in Your Home

7 Ancestral Ways To Get Rid of Negative Energy in Your Home

Get Rid of Negative Energy in Your Home

Negative energy can be trapped in a house and to get rid of it there are effective ancestral methods to experiment. Rituals to drive out negative energies and waves have existed for millennia. Plants, coarse salt or healing crystals are all means used to restore the energy of the home and free space from negative waves. Several methods are then used to instill a feeling of well-being and peace in the soul and the body.

There may be times when your home is no longer the place of refuge and peace that you used to feel. Family disputes and tensions may be more frequent and a feeling of unease hangs over the household. It could be that your home is filled with negative energy that it is time to hunt in order to purify it and feel a certain serenity and healing energy.

To do this, there are simple and experienced techniques to remove negative energy from your living space.

Coarse salt

- Coarse salt
Coarse salt has been used since the dawn of time to purify the atmosphere, especially during ceremonies. To do this, you can put it in several bowls that you will place in each corner of the rooms of the house for 7 days. Subsequently, it is recommended to drain it with water.

Another method is to simply sprinkle table salt on the carpet around the house, wait an hour and then vacuum it up. Just as it is possible to add 6 tablespoons of coarse salt in the usual product to clean the floor of your house. The job of coarse salt is to absorb bad energies, it works like an eraser to erase the traces of bad vibrations.

Decluttering of the house

- Decluttering of the house
The more your house is cluttered with old furniture and antiques that trap negative energy, the more it stores bad vibrations. Sort through and get rid of unnecessary and old things that you no longer use. Do a great vacuum cleaning to allow the circulation of positive waves. By the way, if your house is messy, it's time to clean up. Put your dirty laundry in the laundry basket, wash the dishes and put them away, then keep your furniture neat and tidy without being cluttered. By doing this you will free your home from the negative energy that monopolizes it.

Purification of furniture

- Purification of furniture
Some furniture or objects from the past can be charged with negative energies. This could concern furniture recovered following a divorce, the death of a loved one or a flea market. A purification by incense or cedar would be saving; it is a ritual practiced by the Amerindians and consists of smoking the room or objects in order to capture bad energy and carry it away.

Reorganization of furniture

- Reorganization of furniture
It is about practicing the art of Feng shui which is to put as much open space as possible in the house allowing the negative energy to dissipate.


- Garlic
This condiment is renowned for its protective power and has been used for centuries as amulets. Our ancestors put garlic cloves behind furniture and dark corners of the house to repel negative waves.


- Cactus
Plants add color, provide oxygen and above all positive energy, and the cactus is one of them. This plant removes bad energy, renews the air and captures the electromagnetic fields of televisions and computers.

House ventilation

- House ventilation
It is about opening the windows of the house to let in clean, new air and to let out the air cluttered with bad energies. In addition, the light that penetrates allows you to soak up beautiful positive thoughts.