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 Baking Soda And Soap: How To Use Them To Clean The House?

Baking Soda And Soap: How To Use Them To Clean The House?

Very often, followers of natural remedies prefer to combine several elements rather than using a single ingredient for cleaning or laundry! In this way, in fact, we obtain superb natural and ecological recipes, capable of degreasing and cleaning any surface. Discover 6 cleaning tips with soap and baking soda!

Baking Soda And Soap Clean The House

There is an eco-suit that will help you get rid of all the dirt and unsightly marks. soap and baking soda are formidable for combining cleanliness and freshness!

The natural detergent

It is simple to prepare a natural, fragrant and effective cleanser.


  • 2 tablespoons baking soda
  • 2 tablespoons liquid or solid Marseille bar soap
  • Some water


You will first need to mix the baking soda and the soap until you obtain a homogeneous and foamy mixture. If you see that the preparation is too compact, add a little water, but make sure not to make it too liquid.

If you have solid soap, grate it into shavings and melt it in a bain-marie or by diluting it with boiling water.

It is very important that the product dissolves completely because it could harden again and deprive you of its cleaning and degreasing properties. Then put everything in a bottle.


All you have to do is use this fantastic natural preparation based on baking soda and soap!

To clean the marble

You should always try on a hidden part of the marble, in order to test the product. It is important not to rub vigorously on the surface so as not to scratch it.

Use this detergent for cleaning, polishing and dusting and you will see that the results will be breathtaking!

To clean the glasses

These two ingredients will in no way damage your glasses! In addition, this preparation will prevent the appearance of dust and condensation on the glasses thanks to the action of bar soap!

To clean steel

Bicarbonate has a strong abrasive action which will remove all dirt while soap will degrease and give shine to all your utensils and steel surfaces. You can use it whenever you need to thoroughly clean the sink, hob or bathroom faucet!

To clean white furniture

White furniture often loses its color by yellowing or accumulating dust deposits. Wash the surface with the mixture using the non-abrasive part of the sponge and rinsing with a well-wrung microfiber cloth!

To treat stains

Our grandmothers liked to use these two ingredients when they wanted to have white, clean and fragrant laundry! You will need to put some of this product on a water-dampened microfiber cloth and rub into the stain until you see it is completely gone. Then go to the washing machine on a delicate cycle or hand wash by soaking the soiled garment.

To clean the wood

Furniture and floors like parquet are extremely delicate. It is therefore difficult to clean them and always keep them shiny without damaging them.

To get rid of messes, just put a small amount of this formidable combination on a cloth or sponge and wipe it on the affected surfaces. Remember to wipe with a clean, dry cloth. The surface will be radiant!