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Benefits of Sleep:  Why Do You Have To Sleep Early?

Benefits of Sleep: Why Do You Have To Sleep Early?

Why go to bed early? …Because the brain likes regularity. You should know that sleep is naturally regulated by hormones such as melatonin, establishing a kind of biological clock, the circadian rhythm. This is why we generally have a drop in energy when the sun goes down. We can therefore say that nature has set up our body to sleep early.

Benefits of Sleep

But with all the technology we have today, especially electronic devices, we can stay up late at night, watching television, tablet or smartphone. This is not ideal for your health. The brain likes to sleep early, it especially likes regularity, that is to say going to bed every night at around the same time, because it triggers many self-repair mechanisms at this time.

Sleep early to get up early

Sleeping early also allows you to wake up early, and it can really change your life. You will have a little time alone with yourself, early in the morning, before the children are awake. A moment of calm to perhaps do some stretching or yoga exercises, read a page or two of your favorite novel, etc. This way, you avoid the stress of the start of the day, especially if you have breakfast to prepare for the children, if you have to drop them off at school, etc. We just invite you to try to go to bed an hour earlier than usual, and get up an hour earlier. Experience it to see for yourself the well-being it can bring you.

Sleep early to preserve your health

Sleeping early is indeed a precious key to preserving the health capital that nature gave you at the start of this game called life.

Initially, each of us is endowed with a certain number of cells which will divide according to a rather sharp biological clock. This clock can be undermined by unhealthy food, heavy pollution, and especially stressful living conditions. Oxidative stress, it is scientifically confirmed today, reduces the lifespan of our cells, it accelerates aging.

In the game of life, you will therefore squander your starting tokens for attractions (more or less useful) instead of scoring points. If, on the contrary, you know how to preserve your health capital by making common sense choices, quite simply, you will be able to live longer and in better health. We can say that this is the best way to use its tokens.

Sleeping early helps, among other things, to strengthen natural defences, stimulate cell regeneration and preserve memory. The hours of sleep before midnight are really precious to stop fatigue, and even most pains. You will wake up the next day in great shape. So, it's up to you to make the choices you want for your health.

According to a study, bedtime impacts cardiovascular health. Thus, going to bed between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. would be associated with a lower risk of developing heart disease.