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3 Tips For Changing The Duvet Cover Easily

3 Tips For Changing The Duvet Cover Easily

After washing your linens, you often have to do a tedious but necessary task: placing the duvet cover. Discover how to do it simply with 3 infallible tips that will make this gesture simple.

3 Tips For Changing The Duvet Cover Easily

This silky fabric made with soft materials such as cotton or satin is sometimes difficult to place on the duvet. Fortunately, you can put on your beautiful bedding without difficulty with 3 proven D system methods!

How to change the duvet cover easily with 3 infallible tips?

Whether it is a linen, pure cotton or silk cover, after placing the sheets and blankets, it can be difficult to roll it up on the duvet. This textile that can dress your bed is however easier to put on than it seems. Thanks to several infallible techniques, this tedious gesture will become child's play and will save you time if you are in a hurry. With these methods, you will be installing the bedding set in no time.

1- This technique of rolling up the duvet cover is amazing

While many think that these essential bed linens for sleeping comfortably are difficult to place, there is a technique for placing them on your duvet. This is the Burrito technique. To do this, you will have to start by spreading the cover upside down and placing the duvet on top, then roll them up together. Then integrate the two ends of the duvet inside the cover and then unroll.

3 Tips For Changing The Duvet Cover Easily

2- This method with clothespins will help you place the duvet cover easily

To have a perfectly placed duvet cover, start by stretching the top corners with your hands. Insert the duvet into the cover then use the pliers to hold the ends of the closed part of the cover. All you have to do is shake everything frantically so that the duvet is completely covered with its cover and puts itself in place. Magic, right?

3 Tips For Changing The Duvet Cover Easily

3- The reverse duvet cover technique

For this trick, it is a question of placing the duvet on the bed then putting the cover on top of it upside down. Slide your arms inside the cover to grab the corners opposite the opening and grab the corners of the duvet at the same time. Then turn the cover over and shake so that the cover is well put on.

reverse duvet cover technique

How to clean your duvet cover?

To eliminate insects that lodge in these synthetic or pure cotton textiles, it is recommended that washing takes place weekly. This habit will not only eliminate bacteria but also dust and bacteria. The cover should be washed separately from other pieces of bed linen because, along with pillows, it is the one that comes into direct contact with the body and face.

As you will have understood, there are simple and radical methods to change your duvet covers without requiring any effort. All you have to do is put the pillowcases back on and you're done!