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4 Types of Clothing That Should Never Put In The Washing Machine

4 Types of Clothing That Should Never Put In The Washing Machine

There are clothes and types of fabrics that cannot be cleaned in a washing machine. This can damage them in addition to damaging the washing machine. Check out the list of items you should never wash in this appliance. By knowing it, you will avoid many washing machine problems.

4 Types of Clothing That Should Never Put In The Washing Machine

Types of clothing to never put in the washing machine

Before washing an item in a washing machine, always consult the washing label. After all, not all clothes can be washed or spun in this device. This can damage not only the garment itself, but also this household appliance.

For some items, a gentle hand wash and gentle spin cycle is more appropriate.

1- Clothes that have accumulated pet hair

If you have a cat or dog at home, make sure your clothes are hair-free before washing them. And for good reason, under the effect of water and torsion in the drum, the latter fall and can clog the filters of the device. To remedy this, shake the fabric carefully, brush it or remove the hair with an adhesive tape dedicated to this purpose that you can find in ready-to-wear stores or in supermarkets.

2- Leather clothing, shoes and accessories

Delicate washing or special washing programs do not guarantee gentle treatment of genuine leather. Leather or suede can also become unusable due to machine washing at high temperatures. To be in good condition, leather shoes and bags should be hand washed, wiped dry and air dried. Leather clothing should be dry cleaned. Heavy washing can crack or tear this material. Hot water can make it very hard, cause it to swell and lose its original color.

3- Small baby garments

Small items such as panties, socks and baby booties cannot be machine washed either. Only, there is a solution to clean them. To prevent these items from falling into the drain pipe or vent, they should be collected in a special mesh laundry bag. As a reminder, children's clothes should always be washed separately from adults and with a special detergent.

4- Clothing with pearls, stones, rhinestones, or sequins

Clothes sewn with beads, rhinestones, rivets or studs can damage the washing machine drum. In the washing machine, the fibers of the fabric can break. If these accessories come off, they can easily enter the filter and clog it and permanently damage the device.

It is easier to follow these simple rules not only to avoid damage to items but also to protect the washing machine.