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 Detox: How To Cleanse Your Body Of Toxins With A 48-hour Program

Detox: How To Cleanse Your Body Of Toxins With A 48-hour Program

When the body is overloaded with toxins, very bothersome symptoms can occur. Digestive problems, extra pounds and stored fat are all factors that result from an unbalanced diet and an organism that suffers from it. To help the body get rid of its waste, stock up on natural ingredients for delicious detox juices that will allow you to eliminate excess and boost your immune system.

Detox: How To Cleanse Your Body Of Toxins With A 48-hour Program

Now day, detox cures appeal to many people. Indeed, they are based on a simple principle which is to put the body at rest for a while, in order to take advantage of their draining and purifying properties. In this article, we present a detox cure based on fruit and vegetable juices, lasting 48 hours, which will allow you to deeply cleanse your body.

What is a detox cure for?

Originally, detox cures were used in naturopathy to purify the body. So, for a while, people who practiced detox had to refrain from consuming refined sugars, saturated fats, alcohol and other products harmful to health. On the other hand, they had to consume more fruits and vegetables to provide the body with energy and promote well-being. In addition, regular hydration was recommended to facilitate the elimination of toxins.

A detox cure based on fruit and vegetable juices for 48 hours

To carry out this cure, you must first buy seasonal fruits and vegetables, preferably from organic farming. For 48 hours, it will be necessary to banish solid foods and favor meals in liquid form. If some symptoms may appear such as fatigue or irritability, know that it will only be temporary since the detox cures are not supposed to be followed for more than two days.

Typical menu of the 48-hour detox cure:

  • Breakfast: Juice with 2 oranges, 2 carrots, 1 stalk of celery, ¼ green cabbage
  • Snack: Juice with 2 carrots, 1 cucumber, 1 can of kale, a lime
  • Lunch: Juice with 2 red beets, 1 apple, 1 stalk of celery, 1 cucumber, 1 handful of fresh mint
  • Snack: Juice with 1 radish, 1 carrot, 2 cucumbers
  • Dinner: Juice with 3 apples, 1 stalk of celery, 1 handful of spinach, ½ cucumber

During these two days, you must stay hydrated at all times. It is advisable to increase your fluid intake up to 2.5 liters of water per day. Also, you can drink infusions and tea. Do not hesitate to rest when you feel the need and to practice meditation for optimal relaxation.

What are the expected results?

Fruit and vegetable juices provide a wealth of essential nutrients for health. Indeed, they are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers whose benefits are undeniable.

According to a study, a diet consisting of drinking the equivalent of 6 bottles of fruit and vegetable juice for 3 days brought many benefits to the body. First of all, this cure improved the microbiota by increasing important bacteria for the gut and decreasing bad bacteria. In addition, the cure accelerated intestinal transit promoting the evacuation of toxins. In addition, it would seem that people who followed the cure noticed a significant improvement in their well-being in general. Finally, weight loss and a reduction in body fat were observed at the end of the treatment.

Additional tips for a successful detox cure:

To optimize the results of this 48-hour cure, here are some tips to put in place:

– Organize this diet on the weekend, to be able to rest and take care of yourself. Indeed, the cure can be stressful and cause fatigue and headaches. Better to practice it during free days to be able to sleep, do meditation and relaxation activities.

– Avoid any source of stress during the cure. Inform those around you of your initiative and be sure to be able to benefit from mental relief during the treatment.

– Do a gentle physical activity, if you feel able, to accelerate the cleansing process. Walking, yoga or gymnastics can be done during the cure.

– Feel free to drink as much juice as you want. During the diet, you do not have to respect the usual meal times. As soon as you feel hungry or lack energy, give yourself a juice to replenish your vitality.

Warnings :

This detox cure is low calorie and should not be followed for more than two days. If you suffer from a health problem, ask your doctor for advice before starting the treatment.