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 Essential Oils To Use In Case Of Hypertension

Essential Oils To Use In Case Of Hypertension

We speak of hypertension when the blood pressure is high, even when we are at rest. Left untreated, it can have severe consequences. If in doubt or if your symptoms deteriorate, do not hesitate to consult a healthcare professional. If your case is mild, certain essential oils accompanied by lifestyle changes can be useful in combating stress.

Essential Oils To Use In Case Of Hypertension

The essential oil you need: HE of ylang-ylang. It is perfectly indicated in case of hypertension. It exerts a soothing and de-stressing action, thus allowing to calm the tension. The other essential oil to favor: EO of officinal lavender.


  • Orally: on medical advice and after the meal, dilute two drops of ylang-ylang EO in a teaspoon of honey. This remedy also works with a drop of lavender essential oil.
  • Inhalation: place a drop of your essential oil in the inner hollow of the wrist and breathe.
  • Massage: place two drops of lavender essential oil on the soles of the feet and perform a circular massage.

  • At Home: pour five drops of ylang-ylang EO + three drops of lemon verbena EO + five drops of lavender officinal EO in your essential oil diffuser and leave to act for 5 minutes.

Always opt for an organic, pure and natural essential oil to take advantage of its active ingredients and therapeutic properties.


  • Physical activity is the enemy of hypertension. If you don't practice a sport regularly, consider walking at least 30 minutes a day. This very effective exercise is an excellent anti-stress.
  • Eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and fish (especially oily fish). And keep your salt intake to a minimum!
  • Ban alcohol and tobacco.

How to identify hypertension?

To define hypertension, the diastolic pressure and the systolic pressure are measured. The first refers to the value of arterial pressure during diastole or cardiac ventricular relaxation. In other words, it is the pressure that exists in the arteries between each cardiac contraction, when the heart relaxes and fills. As for the systolic tension, it corresponds to the value recorded during the systole or cardiac ventricular contraction. It is the pressure in the blood vessels when the heart contracts and it is also the highest value. For a blood pressure of 13/8, it will therefore be the number 13.

How to treat hypertension by improving your lifestyle?

Before resorting to hypertensive drugs, the treatment of high blood pressure first involves taking lifestyle and dietary measures. Indeed, changing one's lifestyle can improve blood pressure figures and at the same time reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. In the case of white coat hypertension, that is to say when the blood pressure is high only when seen by the doctor, the patient may be recommended to follow these tips:

  • Lose weight in case of obesity or overweight
  • Limit your salt intake
  • Rebalance your diet (garlic can be useful against hypertension)
  • The practice of regular physical exercise adapted to his condition;
  • Limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages;
  • Stop smoking to limit cardiovascular risk and act indirectly against hypertension.

Caution: Hypertension should be monitored regularly. If in doubt about your condition, consult your doctor.