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 Little Field Of Flowers Rug : The Best Well-being Accessory

Little Field Of Flowers Rug : The Best Well-being Accessory

For a few years now, we have noticed the rise of traditional Chinese medicine, mainly with acupuncture. Acupressure works on much the same principle, but this medicine remains less recognized. It is a powerful and gentle therapy that you can do comfortably at home with a flower field carpet. 

Little Field Of Flowers Rug

Little field of flowers rug: definition

An instrument of traditional Chinese medicine, the flower field mat provides effects similar to those of an acupressure massage. This technique works by using the force of gravity and aims to release blocked energy. Eliminating these tension points greatly reduces the pain and in some cases makes it disappear altogether. Indeed, the exercise of adequate pressure on certain strategic areas of the body helps to reduce tension and enter a phase of deep relaxation. A field of flowers carpet will stimulate the majority of your acupressure points, without any distinction.

Note that this function is not found in targeted therapies performed by professionals. The accessory is equipped with hundreds of pins that put pressure on many acupressure areas in general and specifically on those of the back. Plus, you can find it on My Flower Mat, a wellness site specializing in acupressure mats.

How to make the most of your flower carpet

In order to take full advantage of the advantages of this object of traditional medicine, it is important that you know how to use it.

Give your body time to adjust

It is important that you give your body time to adjust to your new tool. Indeed, during your first moments with your acupressure mat, you may have a feeling of discomfort and even pain with the plastic points. However, the discomfort will pass after only a few minutes once your body has warmed up. When you have reached this phase, you will move from pain to relief, then finally to a state of extreme relaxation with a subtle feeling of well-being.

Practice your exercises regularly

In order to obtain effective results, it is generally recommended to do sessions of about twenty minutes, and this, every day without exception. Also, it is not enough to simply lie on your back. You need to do breathing exercises to bring the pressure down. When you start, you can use your instrument on a sofa or even on your bed to reduce the pressure of the pimples. Afterwards, as you feel your body is ready, you can put the mat on the floor without any other support.

Use vouchers while varying your positions

With each use, be sure to extend into it slowly so that your weight is evenly and gradually distributed over the plastic dots. A sudden movement can quickly cause you injuries or even exert too much pressure. In addition, you must make sure to find the ideal position and avoid repositioning yourself by rubbing against the studs of the carpet.

However, you must keep the same position for a long time if you want to act on as many areas as possible. Thus, you can either lie on your back, side, or sit by installing your accessory on a chair. If you are just starting out, you can cover your massage stand with a sheet or blanket to reduce feelings of discomfort and redness on your skin. However, pay attention to the thickness of the fabric you choose, since a fabric that is too thick will not allow you to fully enjoy the benefits of the flower field rug. Moreover, studies have shown that to obtain optimal results, it is best to put nothing between your body and the support.

What are the advantages of carpeting a field of flowers?

A simple and practical side

Generally, most of the people who use this accessory do not have enough time in their schedule to indulge in acupressure sessions. In other cases, some people simply cannot afford to go to a professional every time they are subject to pain. Opting for the daily use of this mat will allow you to carry out your self-massage sessions independently and at your own pace.

Significant effectiveness against pain and tension

You can use your massage instrument in several situations. These include feelings of pain or any other reaction induced by muscle tension, anxiety and even stress. Thus, you can easily expand the field of use of the mat and use it to massage your belly in order to improve the quality of your digestion and reduce your stomach aches. Acupressure of your face will contribute to a better circulation of your IQ and will stimulate the passage of blood in your organism. This process helps eliminate toxins leaving your face healthier with a much more radiant complexion.

Improving the quality of your sleep and relaxation

A session with your mat just before going to bed allows you to release the pressure and thus fall asleep easily. Thus, you will be able to access a more qualitative and beneficial sleep for both your body and your mind. The best would be to lie down on your support an hour before going to bed.

Losing weight and cellulite reduction

Regular acupressure sessions not only diminish orange peel skin, but also cellulite. It acts on the latter by stimulating blood circulation and the lymphatic system. Indeed, the small plastic dots will exert both continuous and uniform pressure on your legs, because it is in this area that we find the largest stock of cellulite. The process also eliminates a huge amount of toxins and at the same time restores a natural and harmonized flow of energy in your body.

Reduction of back pain

More than half of the French population has suffered from back pain at least once. In terms of treatment against this problem, acupressure holds a place of choice and this is even one of the reasons why the mat is so popular. You may not notice it, but the impacts caused when you walk, run or adopt bad posture very often block the energy points of your back. A whole day sitting behind your desk will favor the chances of a bad circulation of your energy. However, you can remedy this by doing daily exercises with this traditional Chinese medicine tool.