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6 Tips For A Detox To Cleanse Your Body

6 Tips For A Detox To Cleanse Your Body

How to do a home detox cure to cleanse your body ? A detox cure aims to get rid the body of toxins by adopting a restrictive diet. If you are tempted by the detox diet in order to lose weight and gain energy, discover 6 natural ways and the precautions useful to the detox diet.

Food excesses follow one another. During this marathon of flavors, our body – especially the liver – is put to the test. A general fatigue is felt, bloating, headaches sometimes... So many alerts of the body which are the signs of an overflow of sugars and fats. “It is then time to put the body to rest, so that it can recover naturally.

Detox To Cleanse Your Body

1st Rule:  Hydrate Well

The day after a party, it is necessary to drink water (1.5 liters per day), but also herbal teas, broths, soups. "Which will allow the body to eliminate better", underlines the nutritionist who recommends, for example, an herbal tea based on ginger, chamomile and/or vegetable broths (cabbage, broccoli, fennel are the most draining) to make disappear this inevitable feeling of bloating after a heavy meal. And since citrus fruits are our allies, remember to drink a large glass of lemon, grapefruit or orange juice when you wake up, which will give your body a boost, thanks to the vitamin C that these fruits contain. .

2nd Rule:  Freeze Leftovers

“On Boxing Day, we don't rush over leftovers from the night before. Everything can be frozen: the log, smoked salmon, turkey, chestnuts, etc. “, advises our expert, who reminds us that you can also use the leftovers from the day before to prepare a quiche or pasta.

Avoid overloading the body by eating the same foods that are too rich and too fatty for three days. “You have to know how to resist a little! »

3rd Rule:  Eat Vegetables

“We often forget them on the Christmas table, yet they are full of water and antioxidants. Think seasonal squash, delicious endives, succulent leeks and tasty carrots! Nor should you give up on starchy foods, the fiber intake of which always has a positive effect on satiety. Make a place of honor for brown rice, whole pasta, buckwheat, couscous, millet.

As we know today, the fact of absorbing a spoon of pure olive oil, supposed to slow down drunkenness because it lines the stomach, has never been demonstrated. On the other hand, the presence of food in the stomach slows gastric evacuation and alcohol taken after eating then takes twice as long to reach the blood vessels. Not drinking a glass of champagne on an empty stomach is therefore a good idea.

4th Rule:  Avoid Fat

For this, in the days following the holidays, favor white meats (rabbit, veal, chicken) or lean fish (like cod, for example). The cooking method is also important to respect: do not grill or fry, and prefer steam cooking, with aromatic herbs or spices that will bring joy to your plate! “To spare your liver, keep a light hand on fat and prefer cooking without butter or cream. A drizzle of olive oil will do the trick. »

5th Rule: Don't Skip Meal 

The body naturally needs to supply itself with nutrients three times a day and it is important not to miss a meal, on the pretext that you ate too much the day before. “If we deprive it, the body will start to store it quickly”, indicates our expert, who advises to continue with three regular meals a day. Why not just drink a broth with a little vermicelli, if you're not really hungry? Because the body detoxifies itself, it knows how to do it. You just have to give it three days, while eating a healthy and balanced diet.

6th Rule: No Intensive Sport

The day after a festive meal, it is useless, even dangerous, to practice intense physical activity, because the cardiovascular system has already been very stressed by the excesses and the excesses of the previous days. “Better to go out for a walk, walk for an hour in a park, in the forest or in the countryside, and then gradually resume a more sustained sporting activity. »

The benefits of black radish

Originally from China, it is full of benefits. It has the property of soothing bloating, stimulating the appetite and promoting digestion. It also contributes to the drainage of the liver and to increase the secretion of bile, leading to a better elimination of toxins.