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 What Is The Tiny Hole In The Padlock For?

What Is The Tiny Hole In The Padlock For?

The padlock is a mobile object that allows you to lock a chain, or a door. In 1860, a man known as Yale junior studied a 4000 year old locking mechanism and invented the tumbler lock. As early as 1879, he was able to sell padlocks and make his invention known to the whole world. Today, padlocks provide us with a form of security. However, many people wonder what the hole in a padlock is for. We tell you everything.

What Is The Small Hole In The Padlock For

Used to secure our luggage, our bags at the gym or our safes, padlocks have become security accessories that adapt to several uses. To fight against theft, secure your property and avoid any crime, padlocks are essential. Have you ever wondered what the hole in a padlock was for? Explanations.

What is the hole under some padlocks for?

Some brass or steel padlocks have a hole. Many people wonder what this famous hole is for. Well, the answer is simple. The hole makes it possible to evacuate the water which has potentially infiltrated through the handle when it rains or snows, and thus avoids rapid oxidation. In addition, it prevents the padlock from freezing in cold weather.

In addition, the hole can be used to oil the lock when it is not working optimally. You now know what the hole in your padlock is for.

How to secure your suitcases without a padlock?

Sometimes malicious people steal a suitcase from an airport and leave the victims in incredible frustration and anger. To avoid the theft of your suitcases during your travels, here are our tips:

Choose a quality suitcase: Generally, the most rigid suitcases are shock resistant and have adequate closures.

Get a suitcase cover: Suitcase covers keep the zipper of the suitcase out of reach of thieves. In addition, they fight against scratches, dust and dirt.

Wrap the suitcase in a resistant plastic film: In many airports, it is proposed to cover the luggage with plastic film to protect it against jolts, scratches but also theft.

Opt for locking straps: The padlock is ideal to prevent your luggage from being stolen. For even more security, there are locking straps, anti-theft accessories ideal for traveling with complete peace of mind.