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 3 Foods Not To Wash Before Eating Them

3 Foods Not To Wash Before Eating Them

Many still believe that water helps get rid of harmful bacteria and dirt. Yet experts reveal that thanks to modern studies, repeated washing should be avoided. It is not only not necessary to wash certain products but even worse, it can be harmful to health. And for good reason, the bacteria present in these may remain on the surfaces of your kitchen. Find out what foods do not need to be cleaned.

3 Foods Not To Wash Before Eating Them

Red meat, poultry and chicken

Red meat, poultry and chicken

According to a statement from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, washing raw meat, chicken, turkey or eggs can spread germs to the sink, countertop and other kitchen surfaces. Protein products are already cleaned during industrial processing and the repeated procedure only increases the risk of the growth of dangerous bacteria (the best known is salmonella). These microorganisms die during the heat treatment. Experts advise washing the meat twice: during and after cooking the meat in a pan where the water will have to be changed. There is another reason why meat should be boiled twice.

– Cows receive a large amount of growth stimulants, hormonal drugs and vaccines. “We absorb all this by eating farmed meat,” explains nutritionist-gastroenterologist. To eliminate this chemical load, unnecessary stimulants and hormonal levels, it will be necessary to wash after cooking.

Only you don't need to cook for hours. Thus, you will retain the nutritional properties of the meat and get rid of all the chemicals.


The mushrooms

If they are purchased from a store, there is no need to rinse them as this only spoils the taste of the food. After all, mushrooms absorb water very well. Experts recommend rinsing the product only lightly and drying it immediately with a paper towel.

If you want to protect yourself and your loved ones from harmful bacteria, there are two simple rules you can follow. Wash your hands in hot soapy water for 20 seconds before touching food. The kitchen sink is a breeding ground for bacteria. You should not put greens, vegetables, fruits and any other products without packaging inside and near this place.

Leafy greens

Leafy green

Washing arugula, lettuce, parsley and other green vegetables increases the risk of catching bacteria that live on your cutlery, sinks or cutting boards.

Experts explain that all products are already treated with water (a mixture of water and a food sanitizer such as hydrogen peroxide or chlorine) before arriving at the store. This is enough to clean the product from unwanted dirt. Repeated house washing is a direct route to the breeding of harmful bacteria.