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How To Lighten Hair With Lemon?

How To Lighten Hair With Lemon?

Did you know that lemon juice can naturally lighten your hair? There is no need to use chemical dyes that are often expensive and filled with ammonia. Discover this D system trick that you will quickly adapt to your beauty routine.

There is a fantastic trick to give pretty light highlights to your hair. The secret ingredient? Lemon juice. By applying it with other ingredients to your mane, you will see dramatic results.

How To Lighten Hair With Lemon

How to lighten hair with lemon?

A convincing argument for swapping the colorings found in cosmetic stores that can damage the hair. Thanks to its citric acid, lemon, an unstoppable health ingredient, acts on the hair's melanin to color it. Combined with other ingredients, the fruit of the lemon tree will lighten your hair regardless of your color.

What are the ingredients in this lemon hair-lightening lotion?

If lemon works to lighten hair, it's because it's combined with other ingredients. Among them were an egg white and a glass of lager.

How to prepare hair care to lighten hair?

To lighten your hair, start by beating an egg white until you get an even foam. Then pour in the beer and add the juice of half a lemon. Apply this mixture to wet hair before applying the conditioner. Rinse your hair with cold water for an unparalleled shine. Whatever your hair color, you will see pretty highlights in no time. It is recommended to adopt this treatment twice a week for conclusive results.

There are other effective treatments to lighten your hair

If this lemon preparation effectively observes lighter highlights in your hair, other natural treatments can have a lightning effect. Their ingredients are within reach of the kitchen!

This honey lotion lightens your hair in record time.

Easy to prepare, this treatment allows you to quickly see results on your hair. The secret of this honey preparation is unusual since it is … aspirin in an effervescent tablet. Add it to a glass of hot water. You incorporate two tablespoons of cider vinegar, two tablespoons of honey, a formidable health ingredient, and the juice of a lemon. After mixing this liquid, keep it in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. Pour this preparation into a bottle fitted with a sprayer. It is advisable to perform a massage with circular movements on the scalp. All you have to do is wash, detangle and rinse as you are used to.

This lotion is ideal for having beautiful, lightened hair.

This plant can replace conventional coloring, which can damage your hair. The reason? Rhubarb, an effective ingredient for curing toothache, contains emodin and chrysophanic acid, which bind to the hair fiber to lighten it. It is particularly effective for giving blond highlights to dark blond, brown, or light brown hair. 

For more intense color, it is advisable to let your hair dry in the sun so that the reflections are more vivid. 

To enjoy it, you will need 4 tablespoons of dried rhubarb. After dicing it, pour it into a saucepan filled with half a liter of water and cook for 20 minutes. This preparation must be allowed to cool and run into a jar to let it macerate overnight. After filtering this coloring lotion, all you have to do is apply it after your shampoo.

This lemon treatment will be formidable for lightening your hair! Other treatments can help you have pretty highlights for a new modern, and original look.