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 14 Snacks For A Perfect Ketogenic Diet (Keto Diet)

14 Snacks For A Perfect Ketogenic Diet (Keto Diet)

Very trendy, the Keto diet is more and more emulated. Based on foods low in carbohydrates and an emphasis on protein and fiber, it allows for rapid weight loss. Here is a list of perfect snacks for this popular diet plan for those lacking inspiration.

Ketogenic Diet

In a food program, snacks are of paramount importance. And for a good reason, they are the ones that allow you to be satiated until the next meal. There are simple but delicious recipes to snack on a tasty snack that will help you trigger the feeling of satiety.

Watch out for snacks!

If snacks give pride of place to gluttony, that does not mean that they should be chosen lightly. And for a good reason, the latter must comply with the so-called ketogenic diet. Its principle? Foods low in carbohydrates and the same for snacks should not derogate from the rule. The latter must align with a ratio of 70% fat, 25% protein, and a maximum of 5% carbohydrates. A proportion to take seriously in preparing your snacks, which, when they are rich in fiber, fill you up. And for a good reason, when you eliminate natural sugars, your metabolism is in a state of ketosis, which quickly triggers the burning of fat.

What are the prohibitions of the keto diet?

It will be understood that we must say goodbye to excess carbohydrates. Only, these are not perceptible to all. Therefore, the snacks to avoid for keto are granola bars and crackers. We can also obviously count cookies, cakes, pastries, and pastries on the forbidden list. Foods that can be comforting, of course, must be ignored during this period of focusing on proteins and healthy fats.

What foods are allowed on the ketogenic diet?

There is no room for sweets, regardless of their form, unlike other diets. Fortunately, the significant advantage of the ketogenic diet is the authorization of cheese, a food that is wrongly considered anti-dietetic. And bacon lovers will be rubbing their hands too. Eggs, unstoppable protein sources, and many health benefits will also be included. And those who think that indulgence is limited to carbohydrates will be amazed at the number of snacks that contain very little. Perfect snacks to get into ketosis for deep fat burning. Result: a significant weight loss while favoring pleasure. So here is a selection of keto snacks. As a reminder, we advise you to obtain ingredients of biological origin to observe conclusive results on your health.

1- Low carb butter crackers

Normally prohibited, there is a keto version with crackers. Here is a recipe for this savory dish that is perfectly adapted to your diet and that you will be proud to present to your guests. Their secret? Butter, a fat allowed during the ketogenic diet, is an asset that gives them a spicy and delicious taste. You can even add cheese! Addictive. For a serving of 4 crackers, we have 0.31oz of fat, 0.07oz of carbohydrates, 0.03 oz of fiber, and 0.06 oz of protein. Stunning, right?

2- Blackberries and raspberries

If these delicious fruits seem rich in sugars, it is quite different. Blueberries, for example, are foods to avoid when on keto because they contain no less than 0.74 oz of net carbs. A proportion that corresponds to the whole recommended intake for a diet day. Only blackberries and raspberries are much less rich in natural sugars against all expectations because of their sweet taste. Did you know that one cup of these fruits contains only 0.05 oz of net carbs? By consuming these with yogurt, you are not breaking your food program. Bonus: you enjoy a tasty dessert! For a quarter cup of these two fruits, you consume 16 calories, 0.007 oz of fat, 0.014 oz of protein, 0.12 oz of carbohydrates, and 0.07 oz of fiber.

3- Strawberries

Strawberries are the source of many benefits for our health, but not only. They are also allies of our line, especially for the keto diet. If these red fruits are a little richer than blackberries and raspberries, they are still very suitable for initiating the ketogenic phase. For a quarter cup of strawberries, we count 15 calories, 0.10 oz of carbohydrates, 0.03 oz of fiber, and… 0 protein! We find 0.10 oz of net carbs for a quarter cup of 10% of our recommended daily allowance. And gourmets will be delighted since it is also authorized to dip them in dark chocolate rich in cocoa. Another recipe idea: you can use strawberries as flavors for your water to hydrate and detoxify your body in-depth, all with relish. A voluptuous dessert that won't make you feel guilty.

4- Dark chocolate

Did you know that dark chocolate is natural medicine? You will be happy to know that this delicacy meets the requirements of a ketogenic-type diet. Be careful, however, that the latter is made up of 70% cocoa, a sine qua non-condition for its dietary character. It is precisely this low sugar content that makes it an ally of your silhouette. This snack is rich in antioxidants, essential elements to prevent premature cellular aging, and the onset of diseases linked to free radicals. Make sure of its composition by checking the nutritional values ​​on the packaging. For one tablet, you consume 144 calories, 0.52 oz of fat, 0.14 oz of protein, 0.25 oz of carbs, and 0.16 oz of fiber. Nutrients are pretty different from what we imagine.

5- Vegetable sticks and cottage cheese

This snack often served in gourmet restaurants, is very suitable for those who want to lose weight the keto way. Cottage cheese is a rich source of protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and calcium. In short, everything the ketogenic diet plan recommends for fast and sustained weight loss. This dairy product is also low in carbohydrates, with 0.07 oz per quarter cup. Insiders can accompany this delicious snack with celery sticks, broccoli or asparagus. You consume 114 calories, 0.28 oz of fat, 0.27 oz of protein, 0.09 oz of carbs, and 0.01 oz of fiber for one serving.

6- Beef jerky

Surprisingly, beef jerky is an ideal healthy snack. Buy some for your keto diet without hesitation! That said, it must be without added sugars or preservatives to be the ally of burning your fats and thus banish the intake of carbohydrates. Those that are recommended generally contain 0.24 oz of carbohydrates. For 0.98 oz of this snack, you can count 90 calories, 0.05 oz of fat, 0.38 oz of protein, and 0.24 oz of carbohydrates, but no fiber.

7- Hard cheese

Those who love cheese will still stamp with joy! Hard cheese is recommended for keto since it is an excellent blend of fats and proteins. Also, it does not contain any trace of carbohydrates, the nutrients prohibited in this food program. Shredded cheese is also recommended as it includes many vitamins and calcium. This delicious snack has 90 calories, 0.24 oz of fat, 0 oz of carbohydrates, 0 oz of sugar, 170 milligrams of sodium, 0 oz of fiber, and 0.24 oz of protein.

8- Hard-boiled eggs

Eggs are well-known nourishing and slimming foods. Assets that make these animal protein sources a keto food par excellence that can be adapted to all tastes, boiled or pan-fried. There is an impressive sum of 0.21 oz of protein for an egg but one oz of carbohydrates. In addition, they are perfect for increasing the feeling of satiety essential to resisting cravings between meals. An invaluable dietary food!

9- Nuts

This snack is perfect for those who want to follow a vegetarian diet. And for a good reason, they are plant-based protein sources that are heart-healthy and low-carb. A winning combo for keto enthusiasts. Little recipe for more taste: add dark chocolate or coconut. Nourishing foods that give an energy boost between meals! Nuts are an unstoppable source of fat and significant sources of protein. A sufficient argument for integrating them into your daily snacks. However, avoid taking more than a quarter cup because nuts are high in calories. For that amount, you have 220 calories, 0.70 oz of fat, 0.14 oz of carbs, 0.07 oz of fiber, and 0.14 oz of protein, all rolled into one. All without sugar and carbohydrates. Who says better?

10- Olives

Despite popular belief, olives are entirely suitable for a diet, especially the ketogenic one. This fruit is low in carbohydrates and is a source of good fats that we know to appreciate among Mediterranean people! This food contains 15% fat, including 74% monounsaturated fatty acids called oleic acids. Its oil is also a healthy dish to include in your meals and snacks. You can add it to your eggs and your cheese or eat your olives! For 10 olives, there are about 0.10 oz of fat and 0.05 oz of net carbs. A godsend for those who take care of their figure.

11- Sunflower seeds

Fiber, vitamin E, and good fats are nutrients found in these delicious seeds. For a quarter cup, these peeling nuggets contain 0.08 oz of protein, 0.20 oz of fat, 0.08 oz of protein, 0.08 oz of carbs, and 0.03 oz of fiber. This snack is ideal for those in a hurry since it is easy to transport and eat slowly. A perfect ritual for those who wish to crack without weighing on the scale.

12- The Avocado

As you might expect, the fruit star is keto-friendly. And for a good reason, it is very rich in healthy fats and contains only a few carbohydrates. 77% of avocado's calories are monounsaturated fats, nutrients that reduce bad cholesterol responsible for cardiovascular disorders. With 0.52 oz of fat per avocado, it's a hearty snack with just 0.07 oz of carbs. Sliced ​​or prepared in guacamole without tomatoes, it is THE perfect snack for big cravings. Those in a hurry can even make a juice or a smoothie! And why not add more nuts? It is also essential to ensure that it is not too generous. Two avocados are therefore sufficient per day.

13- Zucchini chips with special keto parmesan

Who said a diet couldn't have its dose of crunch? In any case, keto enthusiasts revel in all textures. Give in to the temptation of parmesan zucchini chips, a delicious snack for gourmets. In addition to being a healthy snack, it is low in carbohydrates. The other plus is that they are easy to make due to their low amount of ingredients and ease of preparation. Bonus: it's a vegetarian dish that adds a healthy touch. There are 101 calories, 0.13 oz of protein, 0.30 oz of fat, and just 0.07 oz of carbohydrates for one serving. A perfect combo for those who have already adopted keto!

14- Mozzarella sticks wrapped in prosciutto

The latter will not be the least because it is delicious! Mozzarella sticks wrapped in prosciutto are an absolute delight for refined palates. And for a good reason, this divine snack is very low in carbohydrates, making it a perfect snack to carry out the keto diet. You will be delighted to know that for 2 sticks of this wonder, there is 0.52 oz of protein, 0.03 oz of carbohydrates, and 2.53 oz of fat. All for 132 calories. A copious pleasure but which will not crush your silhouette.