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New Trendy Manicure Will Be Dominating 2022

New Trendy Manicure Will Be Dominating 2022

Nowadays, many women are betting on the beauty of the nails to sublimate their hands. Some go to a nail salon to have beautiful nails colored with midnight blue, pastel, red, or very flashy neon varnish. Depending on her personality, each woman can opt for a color varnish of her choice or a French manicure if she prefers simplicity. But if there are varnishes of all colors, it seems that among the new colors in vogue, the one we present to you is trendy manicure of 2022.

New Trendy Manicure Will Be Dominating 2022

Whether you have strong and healthy nails or on the contrary fragile and damaged nails, you probably want to know some tips to improve the appearance of your nails and strengthen them. While moisturizing the nails and cuticles is essential, some people argue that applying polish prevents the nail from breaking quickly. In this article, we reveal the new manicure trend that will dominate the year 2022.

A manicure trend to enhance the nails

For the year 2022, drop your usual red nail polish and French manicure. The hands of a woman often giving a first impression on her person, it seems important to take care of them and to sublimate the nails. In recent years, red varnish, neon colors, rhinestones and sequins have been in fashion. But today, fashion has changed and the trend is towards neutral colors and minimalist polish. The “beautiful natural nails” effect can be obtained when choosing colors such as nude, pale pink, white, gray or even khaki. For an even more natural effect, some even opt for a transparent varnish or a base coat which also strengthens the nails. Of course, we must not forget to nourish the cuticles to promote nail growth. These small skins protect your nails against the intrusion of bacteria.

How to apply a neutral manicure?

If you are not used to choosing a neutral varnish, here are the steps to follow to apply this simple color:

  • Whether you have long or short nails, all you need to do is shape them into the shape you want by using your nail file to prep them for manicuring.
  • Apply a protective base (base coat) to strengthen your nails;
  • Apply a first layer of neutral varnish on your nails and let dry.
  • Apply a second coat of neutral varnish and let it dry again.
  • If you want the color to be more opaque, you can opt for a third coat.
  • Finally, apply a layer of top coat to make your nails shine and a moisturizer to soften your hands.

A nude manicure for flawless nails

To give you some neutral color manicure ideas, we've picked out some current trends you might enjoy:

Gray manicure

1. Gray manicure

This beautiful color is suitable for both long nails and short nails.

Khaki green manicure

2. Khaki green manicure

To be both simple and unique.

Pale pink manicure

3. Pale pink manicure

This manicure is both discreet and full of charm.

White manicure

4. White manicure

This color has a nice effect especially on brown skin.

Transparent manicure

5. Transparent manicure

A timeless color for naturally beautiful and strong nails.