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10 Things You Did Not Know And That You Could Do With A Lemon

10 Things You Did Not Know And That You Could Do With A Lemon

If you need a natural and effective ingredient that benefits both your body and your daily comfort, think of the lemon that has multiple virtues to his credit. Prevent certain diseases, treat or relieve daily ailments or act as a maintenance product for various uses, such are the prowess of this citrus fruit that will never cease to amaze us.

Used in all kitchens, you should know that the use of lemon is not limited to nutrition alone but to a variety of uses. Indeed, it allows, among other things, to clean, eliminate bacteria from all surfaces of your home, to whiten your laundry to bring them more shine or to repel unwanted insects from your home.

Why is lemon essential in our daily lives?

- Because it is an antibacterial: This fact is corroborated by a study that demonstrates the antimicrobial activity of citrus fruit, including lemon. Specifically, lemon peels are in the spotlight to fight bacteria and prevent the formation of bacterial biofilm.

- Because it is a whitening agent: Whether for skin or for laundry, lemon extract acts as a natural whitener. Moreover, as stated in this study, it is not surprising that it is used in cosmetic products intended to lighten the skin. Similarly, the citric acid contained in the lemon makes it possible, as demonstrated by this study, to improve the whiteness of the tissues and reduce their yellowing in a significant way.

Here's how to use lemon in your daily life

Repel ants: Insects are often on the lookout for leftover food that can inadvertently drag into your home. Ants are the main pioneers in this arduous field. Also, using lemon can be beneficial for getting rid of it. Indeed, as the latter use trace pheromones that allow communication with their peers to send messages on possible food tracks, the lemon acts as a natural repellent that will function to disrupt pheromones and disrupt the olfactory system of these insects to move them away from your home. To do this, simply spray lemon juice added to water in all corners of the house, likely to attract insects.

Save the shine of your laundry: As mentioned before, the lemon acts as a whitening agent that will bring shine and revive the white color of your clothes or your linen, thanks to the citric acid it contains . To do this, simply pour lemon juice in addition to your laundry in the tub of your washing machine and voila.

Lighten your skin: Used as a mask with almond oil, or just under the armpits, the lemon will lighten the brown spots of the skin to make it more vibrant, devoid of any demarcation. Be careful not to expose yourself to the sun after topical application of this citrus, at the risk of damaging your skin because of its photosensitizing effect.

Get rid of bad smells: These, whether in your refrigerator or in your garbage bag, can be stubborn. However, the lemon will be the best solution to counter this inconvenience. Soak a piece of lemon juice cotton and put it in the fridge, or throw lemon peel in your garbage bin and the bad smells will disappear.

Disinfect your cutting board: the antibacterial action of lemon, will allow your kitchen board to get rid of all the germs that get encrusted in its small hollow. For this, simply soak with salt and rub with half a lemon. It will be clean, disinfected with as a bonus, a pleasant smell to smell.

Clean the bathroom: This is done in the same way as for the cutting board. With salt and lemon, your bathtub will regain its whiteness, radiance and be disinfected from all bacteria.

Clean the cheese grater: Hard to eliminate, the cheese is embedded in the holes of the grater, making the task of cleaning quite laborious. To achieve this, use the latter to grate the flesh of a lemon and fat cheese will be erased quickly.