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Dietitians Alert People Who Drink Lemon Water

Dietitians Alert People Who Drink Lemon Water

Booster of immunity, allied with digestion, slimming partner, so many virtues supported scientifically that we lend to lemon water. While the consumption of citrus fruit is beneficial to many people, it can cause undesirable effects that should be clarified. These contraindications concern several functions of the organism. As a reminder, it is essential to refrain from consuming lemon water if you are predisposed to suffer adverse effects. We tell you more in our nutrition section.

Prized by stars to mop up a long period of excess, lemon water is recommended for its detoxifying potential. If this drink is considered as the health ally of many connoisseurs of nutrition, it is none the less true that this one can be at the origin of undesirable effects as indicated by the college of dieticians of Saint- Petersburg. Focus on the contraindications of this detox star food.

1- Dental erosion
If you are subject to tooth erosion, it is important to avoid regular consumption of lemon water. And for good reason, tooth enamel is weakened in the presence of acidity. This phenomenon may be followed by dental fragility, which can result in discomfort when absorbing hot or cold foods. To prevent this from happening when drinking lemon water, you can consume it with a straw. According to this study, lemon juice can cause damage to dental email. At the first sign of erosion, stop drinking and consult a dentist.

2- Heartburn
Excessive consumption of lemon water can cause digestive disorders and heartburn. Also because of its high acid content, citrus fruits can damage the intestinal and oesophageal walls if it is consumed in large quantities or if there is fertile ground for digestive disorders. Heartburn occurs when the esophageal sphincter no longer functions properly and the acid in the stomach rises back up into the esophagus. This is referred to as gastric reflux or acid reflux.

3- Frequent urination
In rare cases, lemon can cause urinary disorders. And for good reason, the ascorbic acid found in citrus is diuretic and can promote the elimination of sodium through the urinary tract. To counterbalance this effect, it is essential to dilute the amount of citrus fruit in the water. If lemon water causes urinary problems, it is essential to stop using it and consult a doctor immediately.

4- Migraines
Contrary to common belief that drinking lemon water may dispel headaches, this may lead to migraine headaches. According to this study, everything suggests that the fruit of the lemon tree is at the origin of migraine. If you are prone to headaches, it is not recommended to consume large quantities of citrus fruits.

5- What about the detox?
If the detox cure with lemon has health benefits, it is essential to stop consuming lemon water on the fifteenth day. Consuming only lemon water for a few days can result in fatigue, headaches, and discomfort as the body runs under-regime. This detox can cause cravings that will irreparably lead to weight gain. It is essential to accompany this cure of a balanced and varied diet to observe results on its silhouette.