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3 Exercises To Get A Sharp And Smaller Nose Of Your Dream Without Surgery

3 Exercises To Get A Sharp And Smaller Nose Of Your Dream Without Surgery

Sharp And Smaller Nose

Perfect noses are the staple of cosmetic surgeons. Rhinoplasty is one of the most common procedures in the world with a rate of 9.4% that follows liposuction and breast augmentation. According to plastic surgeons, Kate Middleton and Scarlett Johansson's noses are closest to "perfection", with a tip that forms a 106 ° angle between the top of the nose and the upper lip. But if some plan to go over the billiard to roll up their nose, there are natural methods to shrink it. Here are three facial exercises to reshape it naturally.

If we can cite an example of a perfect nose, it is that of Cleopatra. So much so that Blaise Pascal spoke of this particular trait of the Egyptian queen as a weapon of seduction. "If Cleopatra's nose had been shorter, the whole face of the world would have changed," wrote the thinker. Only, we are not all equal to the generosity of nature. If our noses can be at the origin of complexes, these are not inalterable. Some facial exercises can help you roll up your nose and reshape your face. We tell you more in our beauty point.

The benefits of facial gymnastics

Since the early 2000s, facial gymnastics has been making headlines in beauty and wellness magazines. With regular exercises and facial massages, fine lines are subtly smoothed and collagen production is revived. The muscles are also toned to create a more pronounced oval of the face. Exercises every day for 10 days are recommended for young skin while more mature skin requires a daily frequency for twenty days. Thus, the hollow parts of the face are filled and the cheekbones raised. Each facial exercise has a specific function. Here are some movements to refine your nose and smooth localized wrinkles.

3 Facial exercises for the nose

Exercise 1:
Age leads to loosening of the skin, causing an alteration of the shape of our nose. To mitigate this phenomenon, this exercise is quite recommended. Place your index finger on one side of your nose and inhale deeply. Exhale slowly. Do this exercise 10 times.

Exercise 2:
This exercise will help prevent cartilage deterioration. Place your index finger on the tip of the nose and apply moderate pressure. Do this exercise as many times as you can.

Exercise 3:
 is perfect to solicit all the muscles of the nose. For that, it is enough to make a big smile. Simultaneously push your nose up with your index finger. Do this exercise at least twenty times a day.

Facial exercises for wrinkles

- To tone the face

- Real ascending (upward) pressure movements with the palm of your hand to raise your cheekbones

- Smile by soliciting the muscles of the neck, closed mouth to reduce crow's feet. This exercise is somewhat absurd and delicate. To control crow's feet, care must be taken to lift the lower eyelids without the upper eyelids moving.

- To fight against the relaxation of the neck:

To carve your neck, gently pull the skin down with your hand while tilting your head slightly backwards.

To observe satisfying results on your face, the effectiveness of facial gymnastics lies in regularity. Remember to include these exercises in your morning routine or after cleansing before bedtime.