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Here's How To Find A Good Breath Using Just A Lemon

Here's How To Find A Good Breath Using Just A Lemon

As you can see, bad breath can compromise the social life of those who suffer it. However, estimates on the subject indicate that about 30% of the world's population is facing bad breath.

Good Breath Using Just A Lemon

Where do the bad odors come from?
Several factors can cause bad mouth odor, among them:

- Tobacco
Smokers are the most likely to experience bad breath. In addition, tobacco promotes an alteration of saliva and inflammation of the gums.

- Food
When food breaks down during the meal, some particles can lodge between the teeth. Thus, they increase the bacteria present in the mouth and cause bad breath. In addition, during digestion, foods degrade to enter the bloodstream before being transported to the lungs. This process can also promote halitosis.

- Poor dental hygiene
If from your early childhood, your parents kept telling you that you had to brush your teeth after every meal, it's for a good cause. Food particles that accumulate cause unpleasant odors. If oral hygiene is sloppy, the bacteria will multiply, cause bad breath and promote some inflammations of the oral cavity.

- Oral dryness
The secretion of saliva helps to clean the mouth. Some diseases cause dry mouth. Thus, when the salivary glands do not work properly, bacteria accumulate and cause bad breath.

- Some medicines
Some medications reduce saliva production, and cause a multiplication of bacteria responsible for halitosis.

- Disorders of the mouth, throat or nose
Cavities, gum inflammation and sores can contribute to bad breath. In addition, disorders of the nose, throat or mouth may promote the formation of stones covered with bacteria on the tonsils and cause bad mouth odor.

A lemon drink to fight bad breath

- ½ lemon, organic
- A cup of warm water

Just wash and squeeze half of the lemon. Then grate the zest and mix it with the juice. Add a cup of water and mix everything. You can add honey if the preparation is too acidic to your liking. Drink this drink at any time of the day for continued good breath.

Benefits of lemon:
Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, lemon is a citrus fruit that has many benefits for the body.

The main reason for bad breath is the accumulation of bacteria in the oral cavity. However, lemon acts effectively to fight against these bad smells. A study shows that lemon zest is an antimicrobial that effectively fights against the build-up of bacteria. Thus, it can inhibit the action of pathogens. In addition, bad breath can come from dry mouth. Now, researchers say that vitamin C increases saliva and helps to clean the oral cavity.

Other tips for keeping a good breath:
To preserve your mouth of bad smells and to have a good oral hygiene, follow these tips daily:

- Brush your teeth after each meal. Clean your teeth regularly, prevent bacteria from building up and create bad odors.

- Scratch your tongue with a soft bristle brush to get rid of all food debris.

- Use a dental floss to remove the plates and food particles lodged between the teeth.

- Make mouthwashes regularly.

- Drink plenty of water to maintain good hydration.

- Reduce your consumption of spicy dishes, onions, garlic and sweet foods.

- Avoid alcohol and tobacco.

Warnings :
Lemon is not recommended for people with ulcers, heartburn or citrus allergy.