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Scented Candles Are Harming To Babies: Expert Warns Parents

Scented Candles Are Harming To Babies: Expert Warns Parents

Scented candles are used to flavor our interiors, their incense is very varied. Perfect for a romantic evening or to create a warm and friendly atmosphere, they make you feel good at home and relax after a long day of work. However, with the birth of a baby, the use of these scented products, becomes delicate. It is imperative to respect the indications of the instructions that accompany them. Indeed, these are not without dangers for the health of newborns, as in the case relayed by our colleagues of 'The Epochtimes'.

Babies usually spend the majority of their time indoors and where the air quality is not always healthy. These are generally more sensitive to chemical toxicity than adults. As one study shows, the sensitivity of newborns varies. The risk therefore depends on the sensitivity of the latter as well as the conditions of exposure to these products. Therefore, some extra precautions must be taken. Concerning scented candles, a mother testified about her experience after having left it on for a longer duration than indicated.

Scented Candles

It all started with a simple gesture, lighting a candle
While nursing his son Jimmy the day after the incident, Meghan Budden realized that his son had developed blackheads inside his nostrils. She tried to eliminate them with sticks padded but in vain. Worried, she tried to think about what might have caused the incident and then remembered that the day before she had burned a scented candle for a long time. Also, she re-examined the notice and realized that a warning was notified about the burning which should not exceed 3 hours.

Indeed, these candles release toxic products, including formaldehyde. According to a study, this component can lead to complications such as ENT irritations, allergies, headaches, vertigo, apathy and inability to concentrate or respiratory distress.

Thus, It is after consulting a health specialist, that Meghan became aware of the danger of his act. Fortunately, the source of the problem was detected quickly and Jimmy could be treated, he is currently in good health.

The opinion of an expert on this subject
Anne Steinmann, environmental pollutant expert at the University of Melbourne, also testifies that scented products are potential sources of indoor air pollution and emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can be toxic and dangerous. It is the same for scented candles that can be a source of lead concentration in the air; These risks of toxicity are considerably increased in babies.

Tips from the expert to mitigate this danger
It is possible to reduce the risks by keeping the wicks of candles short, avoiding drafts and especially by favoring unscented candles.

Other products may be dangerous for babies
According to a study by the International Journal of Environmental Reasearch and Public Health, the proper management of the indoor air in which our babies live is fundamental. The researchers explain the various elements representing a threat to health. Often these are part of household products. It is advisable, therefore, to perform a risk assessment before exposing infants to these harmful substances.

A second study has shown that chemical compounds that can perfume products such as those intended for infants and children at high concentrations can irritate the respiratory tract or act as sensitizers. As a result, for babies, it is best to use products without added fragrances.

Some actions seem safe but can cause irreparable damage in the long run. They can cause irritation of the respiratory tract and generally, a risk to the health of infants; caution is therefore required. Keep them away from cigarettes, candles and insecticides, as well as deodorant sprays in general.