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These 6 Sleeping Positions Reveal Your Personality

These 6 Sleeping Positions Reveal Your Personality

It's good to fall asleep in cozy sheets! Thus, we can give free rein to our daydreams and enjoy an intense feeling of comfort. While waiting for Morpheus to visit, we all have a favorite position. Fetal, as a soldier, as a rifle dog, so many postures where we can abandon ourselves to our deepest dreams. Did you know that your sleeping position could tell you a lot about your personality? You will be surprised to know how strikingly your description is. We tell you more in our psycho point.

Non-verbal language can be at the root of many interpretations. And sleep is the most striking example because when we fall asleep, we are vulnerable by letting go on the endless stream of thoughts. Your sleeping position may reveal beautiful things about your personality.
Find out about the advantages and disadvantages of these postures, revealed by Professor Chris Idzikowski, director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service in the UK.

1- The fetal position
This is the most popular position of sleepers. And for good reason, this posture pushes comfort to its climax since this is how we were in our infancy, in the welcoming belly of our mother. To sleep well, you just have to curl up on your side.

If this is your favorite position, it's a safe bet that you're a keen skinned person. Gentle and sensitive, you are very responsive to the stimuli of everyday life. To feel legitimate in an environment, you need a time to adapt. Original and idealistic, you are not afraid to share ideas that are off the beaten track. You are often criticized for being distracted but it is your constant reverie that allows you to get fresh ideas in a constantly changing world.

Advantages and disadvantages : This position is comfortable and provides a sense of calm. However, be careful not to sleep on the left side because this position may inadvertently put pressure on your liver, your stomach or your lungs.

2- The position of the free fall
This posture consists of lying flat on your stomach, arms holding the pillow, head towards the mattress. If this is your preferred position, chances are you are extrovert. Sociable and playful, you are constantly on the lookout for new adventures. You do not get used to very little of a dull and routine existence. You are committed to sharing your values ​​and exercising a profession to improve the human condition. Getting out of your comfort zone gives you the feeling of excitement necessary for your happiness.

Advantages and disadvantages : This sleep posture is particularly recommended for those who suffer from digestive disorders.

3- The position of the rifle dog
This position consists of sleeping on the side, arms along the body.

If this is your ideal sleep posture, chances are you'll be candid. You are constantly giving the benefit of the doubt to the people who cross your path. Even if you are disappointed, you have the heart to learn about human relationships and you enrich their complexity. Passionate about idealism and values, you have a heart to share ideas based on altruism. Your overflowing optimism radiates your surroundings with happiness.

Advantages and disadvantages : This position is particularly recommended for people who suffer from back pain because it straightens the spine.

4- The dreamer
To fall asleep in this position, simply lie on the side, with both arms extended to the side.

If this is your favorite position, you are a person open to change and adventure. Your leadership temperament drives you to federate others in the accomplishment of a common vision. However, your constant doubts about your skills may be at the root of self-sabotaging behavior.

Advantages and disadvantages This position is ideal for preventing acid reflux and sleep apnea attacks.

5- The position of the soldier
This position consists of lying on your back, arms along the body.

If you tend to fall asleep, it is very likely that you are very rational. Your taciturn side can impress but you are simply cerebral. Rather in the thought than in the action, you have at heart to establish well-crafted strategies without ever leaving room for doubt. Your calm nature makes you inclined to endure constant pressure and responsibilities.

Advantages and disadvantagesThis position is preferred by people who suffer from snoring.

6- The starfish position
This position consists of lying on your back with your arms raised and your legs apart.

If this is your favorite sleeping position, chances are you're a great friend. With an impressive sense of listening, you are available whatever the circumstances. Your loyalty is unparalleled and you can not bear treason.

Advantages and disadvantages This posture can cause snoring.