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10 Habits Of People With Hidden Depression

10 Habits Of People With Hidden Depression

Depression is a state of lasting and permanent sadness in which the person is in lack of energy, and suffers from a psychomotor slowing down. The person is then drowned in his own negative thoughts and slowly loses his self-esteem. Depression can have different intensities, however, when not diagnosed, it can have serious consequences. However, it is possible that it remains hidden for a long time and therefore not identified.

Hidden Depression

Indeed, it is a silent pathology, whose diagnosis can be difficult in some cases. As a result, it happens that the person suffers without realizing it. She is not able to ask for help when she needs it the most. It should be known that the more time passes, the more this disease is difficult to treat, the person suffering from it being so deeply embedded in the circuit of his negative thoughts, the treatment becomes more laborious. Helping a person to become aware and overcome their depression can save their life. Here is a list of habits to identify the hidden depression.

1- Sufferers may hide their symptoms, but not their anxieties
People with hidden depression find themselves in a very negative state of mind in which they feel they are living without having any control over their decisions. They will try to hide it, but their anxieties remain apparent despite their efforts. If you see that one of the people around you is constantly anxious, try to help determine the source of this stress to find a way to fight it.

2- People with depression often suffer from anxiety
Anxiety is a mental disorder that develops in people who are still living under pressure because of one or more fears. It is an irrational panic that can be triggered at any moment in an unconscious way. We must help them to analyze the latter, and to overcome it little by little.

3- They are extroverted people but become introverted at times
Depressed people tend to be self-contained, even if basic, they are very sociable, there will come a time when they will begin to isolate themselves gradually, until reaching the point of avoiding any social interaction. Help them get out of this vicious circle, and appreciate the present moment.

4- They try to bury their emotions, but this aggravates the situation
The more a person falls into depression, the more they will experience extreme sadness and sadness. Although she feels a permanent pain, the person who suffers from hidden depression will try somehow to bury his emotions so as not to show his surroundings. We must help them bring out their emotions to get rid of the feeling of oppression.

5- There comes a time when these people stop expressing their feelings
They lose their taste for life, usually at this stage, their self-esteem is low, and have the impression that they are not valued. Hence the fear of expressing their feelings, sometimes this problem becomes more important and this person does not even allow himself to express his opinion on anything. Help them realize that they are worth much more than they think, and regain self-confidence.

6- They suffer from sleep disorders and eating disorders
Depression affects and disrupts the functioning of the brain, disrupting the balance of certain hormones such as serotonin and dopamine. As a result, their sleep and eating habits will not be stable.

7- They lose all taste in life and are constantly looking for answers to their questions
Having lost all desire to go forward, these people seek a purpose in life, and ask themselves existential questions, whose answer does not always exist. Help them set goals for the short term, which will help them get back on their feet.

8- They think too much, and develop blockages
They are people who suffer deeply and fight against their own thoughts. Sometimes they give in to their negativity, as well as to the worst scenarios they imagine. Which depresses them more. Help them to think positively, and try to send them positive waves to get them out of this state that pulls them down.

9- They feel a real lack of affection
Patients with this pathology feel lonely, it's a constant struggle going on in their head, they feel excluded and isolated from the outside world. They suffer from a lack of important affection, and feel extreme loneliness. You can help them by giving them the attention and affection they deserve, remind them that they are important and loved.

10- They make subtle calls using
All of these signs are subtle calls for help, do not ignore them, you may be able to save lives. If you think that you or someone around you is suffering from this pathology, go there to consult a professional. Depression is never to be taken lightly, because in the long run, it can cause significant damage, and sometimes irreparable.