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14 Daily Habits That Make Men Breakup

14 Daily Habits That Make Men Breakup

Things That Make Men Flee

It is often said that men come from Mars and that women come from Venus. This simple observation would suffice to justify the lack of communication and understanding between the two genders. Nevertheless, when one is interested a little bit in the expectations of the partner, one can take the chance to find the soul mate and to bathe in a harmonious couple relationship.

Many women are interested in what men want. A natural woman or rather dressed to the nines? A funny and spontaneous darling or calm and thoughtful?

In reality, every man is different and has singular tendencies according to his own personality and his experience in love. However, there are 14 things that men find unattractive to a woman:

1. Too much makeup


Men do not joke when they say they prefer the natural. A girl wearing a makeup layer will automatically reject them. No man would like to have a foundation on his face kissing his sweetheart.

2. Having poor intimate hygiene

 intimate hygiene

This is without a doubt one of the most common love kills. Even if men want a natural woman, good personal hygiene remains paramount. Change your underwear every day and do not hesitate to go in the shower before indulging in the joys of intercourse.

3. She has an arrogant attitude

Men Flee

Men do not support arrogant or haughty women. So, be humble, accept constructive advice and criticism. If a man pleases you, be kind to him but also to his surrounding.

4. Escape the conversations


Some women are reserved and nervous and flee conversations. But men love to communicate and seek to know more about each other. Leave your stress aside and be yourself throughout the conversation.

5. Criticize your ex

Criticize your ex

Nothing is more unbearable for a man than to hear a woman who pleases him, to criticize his ex. First of all, he has no desire to hear you rehash the past. Then he will say to himself that if you criticize someone with whom you had a relationship before, you could do the same with him.

6. Create dramatic scenarios

dramatic scenarios

Some women react in excess and do not know how to contain their emotions. At each argument, they start crying tears and complaining about their existence. If you have this melodrama side, avoid exposing it in front of your target.

7. Being too demanding

Being too demanding

There are women who want to control everything in their lives. This craze is listed in their professional life but also in their private lives. They will be demanding of their partner and may express incessant demands that will eventually drive him away.

8. Do not pay attention to what he says

pay attention

Men are annoyed by women who seem to have their heads elsewhere when they communicate. Indeed, they are looking for a curious darling, who will listen carefully to help them on a daily basis.

9. Get upset very quickly

Get upset very quickly

Most women are subject to considerable mood swings. Although this trait is often associated with hormonal fluctuations, know that men hate it.

10. Emit negative energy

negative energy

We can not always be enthusiastic and in a good mood. Nevertheless, some people are pessimistic and rehearse negative discourses constantly. Men need a woman who can see life on the right side instead of constantly feeling sorry for herself.

11. She hasn't any passion


Sometimes, obligations force us to leave aside some pleasant activities and to sink into a morose daily life. But we all need an escape from time to time. Men respect women who have a passion in life.

12. Make gossip


The women are often eager for stories and gossip. But our gentlemen prefer a woman who knows how to express her ideas and projects instead of evoking the lives of others.

13.Do not take care herself

take care herself

Men need a woman who can take care of her physical and mental health. They will be more likely to fall in love with a sporty woman who seeks to preserve her health rather than one who lives from day to day without worrying about her well-being.

14.Being bad with others

bad with others

Do an act of kindness, without waiting for a reward, knowing that one day, someone could do the same for you. Diana Princess of Wales.

To see your sweet and selfless side, a man will evaluate your behavior with strangers, and especially those in need. If you despise others, are unpleasant and disrespectful, there is a good chance you will be a selfish and bad person.