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5 Signs That You Have A Spiritual Gift

5 Signs That You Have A Spiritual Gift

Spiritual Gift

We all have a sense of intuition. However, it is more developed in some people, even if they are not always aware of it. It is a spiritual gift, in other words, a blessing offered by the universe. People with this special gift are likely to go through a phase of awareness and awakening. It is a question of getting closer to the natural elements of life, to feel the waves of all that is around. A deep connection with the present moment while enjoying the simplest things for an unparalleled feeling of inner peace.

If you are endowed with this ability, it would be a pity if you were not aware of it, and therefore did not exploit it.

Here is a list of 5 signs that show you have a spiritual gift.

1- You remember your dreams regularly

dreams regularly

Dreams occur during a specific phase of your sleep, which is paradoxical sleep. The brain activity during this one is the most intense and is accompanied by eye movements. When you remember your dreams, this means that you have been experiencing micro-waking phases caused by ambient noise. However, a normal person forgets his dreams fairly quickly. So, if you remember yours in detail, it's because you are an exceptional person. Note the details when you wake up and look for their interpretations, they might surprise you!

2- You have sensations of déja-vu

sensations of déja-vu

As in a lucid dream, you sometimes perceive certain events vaguely and yet very familiar. You experience a sensation of "déjà vu", a gift that allows you to combine wisdom and maturity to help all those who are dear to you. Indeed, your perception of life is deeper than others, allowing you to apprehend the most difficult events with calm and serenity.

3- You are used to waking up between 3am and 4am

waking up

The interval between 3 am and 4 am is the beginning of the phase of your REM sleep. If you're used to waking up at this time, it's because the universe is trying to connect with you. This specific time is called the sacred hour. To feel this connection and purify your aura, head to a quiet and peaceful place and let yourself be carried away by your thoughts. Relax and feel the vibrations of everything around you.

4- You are very empathetic

very empathetic

Empathy is felt on many different levels. Some people really understand the pain and feelings of others, without being affected. While others sometimes suffer just as much as the person who experiences the event in question. If you are one of those people who are very sensitive and who intuitively detect the emotions of others, it is because you have a very developed empathy. Use it to help people close to you who may need it.

5- Your intuitions do not deceive you

 intuitions do not deceive you

Frequently, you feel about people, things and certain events without having known or experienced them before. This is because your aura is able to feel good or bad waves around you, without you necessarily realizing it. This ability allows you to make good judgments, wisdom and humility. Especially since your instinct never leaves you and allows you very often to avoid bad experiences.